Carlmont High School

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The Governance Council has been created for the purpose of empowering faculty, students, parents, and community to take responsibility for the on-going success of the Carlmont community. The teaching and learning goals of Carlmont High School are incorporated in the seven “Principles of Learning” adopted by the teaching faculty on October 10, 1995 (see Appendix). The Governance Council will also work towards fulfilling district goals on student outcomes (see Appendix).

The Governance Council at Carlmont is a diverse team (age, roles, geography, and ethnicity) dedicated to the improvement of the Carlmont community. We strongly believe that our diversity is our strength, and we are committed to working closely together to realize our full potential.

The goal of the council is to create a climate at Carlmont conducive to learning and distinguished by mutual trust, caring, and respect so that students can leave with the tools needed to reach their educational, social, and occupational goals in the world community.

Through shared decision making, the council plans to present opportunities for all of the stakeholders to participate in creating and achieving the goals for Carlmont.

The council is a forum for recommending policy to administration for restructuring in areas including technology, budget, curriculum (academic and vocational), facilities, safety, communication, rules, grants, and critical review.