Carlmont High School

The WASC self-study is a crucial part of Carlmont's accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The self-study document organizes and displays Carlmont's achievements, academic programs, school data, culture, and goals for future improvement.

WASC self study 2011-2012
The mission of Carlmont High School is to provide a supportive learning environment that allows all students to achieve success in academics and careers. A Carlmont education fosters a community of creative thinkers who are confident and collaborative in a rapidly changing society. Above all, we aspire to provide students with the skills they need to make positive contributions to their community and the world. 
Our vision is to provide all students with a relevant education in a collaborative and supportive environment that inspires excellence in learning. 

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WASC parent participation requested:
Dear Parent or Guardian,
Please accept this letter as an invitation to participate in the exciting and deeply meaningful process Carlmont is currently undertaking. Our school is engaged in a dynamic self-study that will culminate in a formal review by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This review is critical to our academic accreditation and your participation is a crucial and necessary component to our success.
Our self-study involves examining the progress of, and services provided to, all of our students. It addresses parent participation in all facets of academic and extracurricular activities. We have formed study teams that are examining data that include test results as well as parents, student, and staff surveys. We will be analyzing performance, attendance, and the overall well-being of our entire student body.
We seek your ideas, your input, and your direction as we strive to grow and enhance the excellence of Carlmont High School. Once again, your involvement is key to our success as a learning community.
Please join us in this exciting rewarding endeavor.
Please contact WASC Chair, Stephen Lucia ( to participate.