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AVID student at graduation
AVID is a four year course designed to prepare students for success at a four-year college. AVID focuses on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading skills of our students. The typical AVID student is motivated to succeed, but may need some extra support to discover their full potential. AVID students are usually in the academic middle with GPAs somewhere between 2.0 and 3.5. Many of our students will be first generation college students and need help to learn the expectations of college. While we typically look for students that fit these descriptions, Carlmont tries to make room for any student that could benefit from the support of the AVID community at our school.

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Questions regarding AVID should be directed to the AVID Coordinator, Ms. Cindy Shusterman.
Dial (650) 595-0210 and then the extension below:
Name (Click on Name for Email) Phone
Shusterman, Cindy AVID Coordinator 39613
DePaoli, Tammy AVID Counselor  30090 
Nguyen, Dan AVID 12 39716
Fewins, Kristen AVID 12  39607 
Lewellen, Addison AVID 11  39671 
Ramroth, Andrew AVID 11  39602 
Engberg, Josh AVID 10 39651
Miskelly, Matthew AVID 10 39681
Hero, Melissa AVID 9 39684 
Steward, Denise AVID 9 39623

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All students interested in joining AVID must complete the following online application.

Please contact Cindy Shusterman-AVID department chair with any questions.

    AVID Student Application for Incoming Freshmen
    AVID Application for current Carlmont students grade 9-11