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The Carlmont Dance Program is an exciting educational component of CHS comprised of three beginning classes, one intermediate and one advanced production classes. Over 200 students are served each year through the standards based curriculum which meets the wide spectrum of experience in our dance community.

Beginning Dance explores various genres of dance including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap, african, bhangra, latin, and polynesian dance. In each unit students learn basic technique, steps, and choreography that is performed in class. In addition, students learn the general history of dance and basics of dance composition which prepares them to choreograph an original dance piece at the end of the year. After completing the course, students gain a greater understanding of dance as an art form and as a worthwhile physical actity.

Intermediate and Advanced Dance studies deepen the technical dance skills of students, offers a variety of school wide and community performance opportunities, further explores the dynamics of dance composition, and provides students experience with the tecnical elements of dance. Students typically stay in the program through senior year because of their love of dance and the close relationships developed throughout the school year.

Our Director

Ame Secrist is the Director of Dance at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California. Ms. Secrist teaches the five sections of dance, serves as the Choreographer for the Annual Musical and Director of the Annual Dance Performance.

Ms. Secrist’s goal is to develop lifelong dancers through expository units of study including dance technique and choreography as well as various performance opportunities.
Dial (650) 595-0210 and then an extension below
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Secrist, Ame Dance Director  33704 

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Annual Spring Concert 2017.18

On Broadway!

Friday May 4th @7pm


Saturday May 5th @ 5pm

Tickets on sale now!!!
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It is tradition to give dancers flowers following a performance and the Carlmont Dance Parents will have flowers for sale in the lobby before the show and during intermission. In addition to providing this service for the dancers, the funds go directly to the dance program production costs.
DVD Order
You can order a dvd of the show by completing the form and payment to our videographer.  Below is the link to the form...please print and follow the directions to purchase.  There will be a limited amount of forms in the lobby during the shows for your convenience.  Please note the videographer accepts checks, money orders, or cash but no credit cards at this time.

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Join Carlmont Dance
All students are welcome and encouraged to take Beginning Dance; there is no placement assessment, simply register for the class with your guidance counselor.
Enrollment in Intermediate or Advanced Dance is by live placement assessment in the Spring of the proceeding school year. Please return to this page in February 2019 for next year's dates.
You only need to register for one of the two days offered. Please email Ms. Secrist with any questions.

Placement Assessment FAQ

1. What should I wear? Appropriate dance clothes like a leotard and tights or athletic shorts and a fitted top, hair up and secured, barefoot or jazz shoes (footwear is dancers' preference).

2. What will the assessment be like? You will go through a center warm up that will include various elements dance technique as well as across the floor exercises including jumps, turns, leaps, rolls, etc. In addition, you'll learn a 6-8 8/count combination and perform it in a group of 3-4 dancers. The experience will be fun and you'll get a great work out!

3. When will I find out if I'm placed in one of the classes? Ms. Secrist will send the class roster to the counseling department and post it here for students to review within a week after the audition.

4. What if I'm not placed in a class? If you're not placed in Intermediate or Advanced Dance, take Beginning Dance to prepare for next year's audition.

5. Is there any other information I might need? The audition is 3 hours after school on selected dates to be determined and posted here in late January of each school year. Bring water and a good snack to keep you moving.

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  • 2018-19 Placement Assessment Registration
  • ASSIGNMENT:  After reading your class syllabus, complete this form below by August 21st for 10 points