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Application deadline for the 2017-2018 school year is Sunday, January 29th, 2017 at 11:59 PM.
Interested Carlmont 9th graders and parent/guardians may complete the online application by following the link below.

Student will need to know her/his current class schedule with room numbers.

Please fill out the student portion and the parent portion together.

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All courses in the BTI pathway are college prep (UC A-G) and meet Common Core Standards.  
*pdf provides a larger view of the image below. 

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Each year in the BTI, students will be offered two field trips, one college tour, and one cross-curricular project, which they work on in English, social studies, and science.

10th Grade—Sophomore Symposium Year

Symposiums occur one morning per semester. They start with a breakfast and a keynote speaker from the biotechnology industry. Students then break into roundtable discussions with professionals in the industry who give an in-depth perspective on their careers and hot topics in science. For the spring symposium, students also present their quarter-long cross-curricular project on genetic engineering to the professionals.

BTI students take an introduction to biotechnology course, Biotechnology 1-2. This course introduces students to the field of biotechnology and develops lab skills essential for future science lab courses in high school and college. Students are also taught how to set up and maintain legal, scientific notebooks.

The BTI English II class meets Common Core Standards and includes some of the coursework of the traditional college prep English class. The curriculum that specifically explores science themes includes science-fiction short stories, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, and op-ed articles that address bioethics and controversial issues in the field of science.

The BTI Modern European History course spans the Renaissance through the Cold War with a special focus on the influence of science and technological innovations on historical events and processes.

The main cross-curricular project for the 10th grade is an educational awareness piece on how genetic engineering has affected our lives.

11th Grade—Junior Mentor Year

Students are matched with a mentor who works in the field of science. Students have two breakfasts per year—one to meet their mentors and another at the conclusion of the year. Students learn how to write a resume and will go on a job shadow day with their mentor.

Biotechnology 3-4 is the advanced biotechnology course where students build on prior lab skills to perform advanced laboratory activities. These labs include cell tissue culture, ELISA, PCR, protein purifications and many more.

Chemistry for Biotechnology is an introductory chemistry course that builds on BTI students special lab skills and experience in Biotech 1-2. BTI students will have more opportunity for lab practice with additional focus on chemistry topics related to the Biotech field.

Biotech 3-4 and Chemistry for Biotechnology courses will have many cross-over concepts, labs, and projects.

The BTI English III class meets Common Core Standards and includes some of the coursework of the traditional college prep English class. The curriculum that specifically explores science themes includes science-fiction short stories, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, and op-ed articles that address bioethics and controversial issues in the field of science.

BTI U.S. History follows the development of U.S. political, economic and social institutions from progressivism to present, and preparation for competency as citizens in a democratic society through an understanding of American political traditions. Special focus on the influence of science and technological innovations on historical events and processes.

12th Grade—Senior Capstone Year

The senior science curriculum is currently being developed. We are collaborating with Skyline College in order to offer a college-credit science course.

The BTI English IV curriculum is currently being developed in response to upcoming changes in the English Department. The curriculum will include 1984 by George Orwell, and units that explore the politics of food, and animal rights.

BTI Government and Economics will look at contemporary environmental and political issues.

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For general questions please contact Susan Gold at

For course specific questions check the list below.
Dial (650) 595-0210 and then an extension below
Name Role, Courses Taught Phone
Smith, Tina *ON LEAVE*Director and Biotech 3-4  35042 
Abdilla, Jaime Biotech 1-2 35040 
Engberg, Josh Chemistry for Biotech Courses   39651   
Garvey, Linda BTI Social Studies 39669
Gold, Susan Director,  BTI English  39710 
Miller, Kimberly BTI Guidance Counselor  30091 
Raffa, Dan CTE-Career Technical Ed Contact  35043 

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Carlmont Biotechnology Institute - "BTI"

Carlmont’s Biotechnology Institute (BTI) offers students a unique opportunity to pursue their enthusiasm for science and explore connections in their BTI English, science, and social studies classes. Students participate in the program during their sophomore through senior years. Special benefits include access to state of the art lab equipment and facilities, field trips, college trips, and interaction with professionals in the scientific community. BTI builds confidence, strong friendships, teamwork, and the skills needed to succeed in college and career. BTI students find their high school experience to be more relevant, meaningful, and inspiring.
What is Carlmont High School’s BTI?

The BTI (Biotechnology Institute) is a small learning community that delivers personalized education with a college and career focus, serving 50 science-interested students per grade level, beginning in the 10th grade and ending in the 12th grade. The BTI follows the Linked Learning Model ( using the four core components: Rigorous academics that prepare students to succeed in college; Career and Technical Education courses in sequence, emphasizing real-world applications of academic learning; Work-based learning that provides exposure to real-world workplaces and teaches the professional skills needed to thrive in a career; and Comprehensive support services to address the individual needs of all students, ensuring equity of access, opportunity, and success, (Linked Learning Fact Sheet, 2015).

Vision: To create a biotechnology science program that exposes students to

the field of Biotechnology, in a holistic, non-traditional way.

Mission: To provide skills and knowledge required for the biotechnology

industry, developing a post-secondary plan for entry into STEM fields both in

college and career.

Goal: To create passionate, science-minded individuals

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What is Biotech?

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Mentor a student

Want to make a difference in a teenager's life?  Did you have a mentor that impacted you? Carlmont High School's BTI is looking for mentors to share career information with juniors.  Easy communication through email, phone and in person has a lasting impact on a student. 


Who you are: We are mostly looking for professionals in a science-related career, or non-science professionals working in a science-related organization or company.


Who we are: Carlmont High School’s Biotechnology Institute, a small learning community for 50 science-minded 11th grade students. Where we are: In Belmont, 22 miles south of San Francisco.


Time Commitment:

Attendance at our Meet-with-Your-Mentor Breakfasts on November 3 and May 18 from 9–10 AM. We will provide a structured activity at these breakfasts that will give you and your mentee a chance to bond.


Job shadow. We would love for you to invite your mentee to shadow you at work one day, sometime between November and May.


1-2 contacts each month between November and May. Contacts can be by phone, email, or in person, if convenient.


What do mentors actually do? As a mentor, you will share information about your career and the path that you took to get where you are today. Discussing your education, previous jobs and promotions and what your role looks like on a day-to-day basis is the cornerstone of our program.

For more information, read our
Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here to begin the online application, simply choose New Mentor.
Note: under School Site-choose Carlmont, for Volunteer Title-choose Other (write in BTI).

Download our volunteer brochure and share these volunteer opportunities with others in your office!


Participate in a BTI Symposium

We will be holding a Biotech Symposium on Thursday, October 20th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and are looking for local biotech professionals to come speak for one or two hours.

Two sessions are planned:

Session 1 (9:45-10:45) -- Biotech Career Round Tables -- Professionals will speak in a small group format about their career,  educational background, brief job description and pros & cons of your field.  Students will have 15 minutes with each professional and then rotate to the next.  Ideally, a variety of fields will be represented.  

Session 2 (10:55-11:55) -- Hot Topics -- Professionals will each speak on a different hot topic in the Biotech Field.  This will also be 15 minutes, in which the professional can introduce the concept, provide a bit of background information to understand the technology, explain the technology, its promise and the ethical issues regarding its use.  Some of the proposed topics could be:


  • nano technology
  • stem cells
  • gene therapy
  • gene editing (CRISPR)
  • vaccines

Sign-up now!  Contact Faith Velschow for more information.