Carlmont High School

Course Pathways and InfoTop of Page

The documents below show course options and possible pathways for Carlmont students in Science.

Science Department MembersTop of Page

Questions regarding Carlmont's Science department can be directed to Tina Smith, Department Chair.

Dial (650) 595-0210 and then the extension below:
(Click on name to email)
Smith, Tina Department Chair, Biotech 1-2, Biotech 3-4 35042 
Abdilla, Jaime Biotech 1-2, Biology 35040 
Bellar, Paul Human Biology, Biology 39694 
Engberg, Josh Chemistry, Chem for Biotech, AVID 39651 
Guzman (Gandara), Felix Chemistry, AP Chemistry 39627 
Heintz, Veronica Physics, Green Engineering  39706
Hero, Melissa Biology, AVID 39684
Herndon, Leslie Biology, Biomanufacturing 39625 
Fung, Greg Physics, Integrated Science 39631 
 Nguyen, Hai  Chemistry  39634 
Nozik, Michal Biology, Chemistry 39688 
Paoli, Julie AP Biology, Biology 39653 
Schaal, Gregory Human Biology, Biology 39632 
Shayesteh, Sara Biology, Biotech 1-2 39656 
Talcott, David AP Physics, Robotics 39622 

Science Lecture SeriesTop of Page

The Guest Lecture Series attracts distinguished working scientists with a passion for sharing their area of experitise and inspiring students in science. Science lectures are held monthly during the school year (excluding December and January).

For full details visit the link below.

Science Lecture Series