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Carlmont High School

Join the PTSA using your credit card at: The Carlmont Shopping Cart

Join the PTSA using a check and this form: PTSA Membership Form

Membership dues support PTSA Programs:

Teacher/Staff Mini-Grants, Graduation Night Celebration, Parent Education Speakers, Student-Parent Directory, SAT/ACT Practice Tests, The Bagpiper electronic newsletter, Teacher/Staff Appreciation events, Senior Student Scholarships, Reflections Art Recognition Program, and more.

To senior students applying for a PTSA Senior must be a PTSA member in your senior year by March 1st.

To anyone applying for a PTSA or a California State PTA Grant or Scholarship... you must be a PTSA member.

What are the benefits of membership?
  • Knowing that you are helping to fund important PTSA Programs.
  • You can vote at PTSA meetings.
  • Board members can apply for State PTA grants for continued education.
  • Teacher/Staff members can apply for PTSA Mini-Grants and State PTA continuing education grants.
  • Student members can apply for local PTSA and State PTA Senior Scholarships.
Who can join?
Parents, guardians, teachers, and students... Anyone in the Carlmont community!