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Dance Overview

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The Carlmont Dance Program is an exciting educational component of CHS comprised of beginning classes, one intermediate and one advanced production classes. Over 200 students are served each year through the standards based curriculum which meets the wide spectrum of experience in our dance community.

Beginning Dance explores various genres of dance including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap, african, bhangra, latin, and polynesian dance. In each unit students learn basic technique, steps, and choreography that is performed in class. In addition, students learn the general history of dance and basics of dance composition which prepares them to choreograph an original dance piece at the end of the year. After completing the course, students gain a greater understanding of dance as an art form and as a worthwhile physical actity.

Intermediate and Advanced Dance studies deepen the technical dance skills of students, offers a variety of school wide and community performance opportunities, further explores the dynamics of dance composition, and provides students experience with the tecnical elements of dance. Students typically stay in the program through senior year because of their love of dance and the close relationships developed throughout the school year.
All students current and new that are interested will need to tryout for Intermediate & Advanced Dance.

Advanced and Intermediate Dance Auditions for 2022-23 school year

Eighth graders and high school students interested in being placed in these classes for next year, should submit a 1-2 minute video to Roxanne Seliger by March 15th, 2022.  This video should highlight your strengths as a dancer including flexibility, turning and extensions.  A prior performance video can be submitted.  Please only submit one video.   
Following the 1st of March, a list of each class will be forwarded to the counselors.  Please contact your counselor to see if you have been placed in either class. 
In your video should include your name, current grade and if you would accept being placed in Advanced or Intermediate Dance for next year.  Also include how long you have danced and what type of classes you have taken.  Include what studio(s) you belong to or have danced with in the past.  Please note that this audition is separate from the Dance Team auditions.  Please contact Sara Escobedo if you are interested in joining the dance team.  If you have any questions about this audition, please feel free to contact Roxanne Seliger.  Note that the Carlmont Dance Program is competitive, so the more experienced dancers will be selected first.  Once we are back in person, placement adjustments will be made if necessary.