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Student Temporary Absence from School Form
If a student will be missing school for an extended period of time, they should plan to fill out this form in order to go through the process.  There are certain criteria in which we will use to determine if an absence is warranted.  This is the list of excused absence
Synchronous days (Days that a student is expected to go to classes via Zoom) --typically Mon, Tues, Thurs. Fri.
1) Students must attend the Zoom session with their video on in order to be marked "participated" (present)
2) If a student does not attend class via Zoom or does not show their video they will be marked "VA" (absent)
Asynchronous days (The day that students are expected to do work, but not attend Zoom sessions) --typically Wednesday
1) Students will need to login to Canvas in order to be marked present for the day.  Note: If you have the box checked "stay signed in" on the sign in page in Canvas, you will be marked absent for the day.  Please make sure to login fresh on asynchronous days. 
2)  Students are expected to be engaged.  If a student has not been engaging in content from the previous asynchronous day to the following asynchronous day, teachers are expected to add an NP in the comments box to trigger an intervention to help get the student on track.
Follow Up:
Parents and school will have to work collaboratively to ensure that a student attends class regularly.  If a student does not attend, a parent can expect outreach and or consequences from the school.
Attendance Corrections:
If an error has been made by the teacher and it is within 72 hours of the error, it is appropriate for the parent or student to connect with the teacher to resolve the issue in Infinite Campus. 
The Sequoia Union High School District does provide an automatic caller to notify parents/guardians of their student’s attendance for each day.  Even though a parent calls the Attendance Office to clear a child’s absences or if students are excused for a school activity, an automated phone call will usually still be placed to the home.  Parents/guardians may track their student’s attendance via the parent portal on Infinite Campus.  If you need support logging into Infinite Campus through the parent portal, please contact:  Also, please note that the default attendance marking for students is absent.  If you receive a call and you believe your child was attending class it is important to connect with your child's teacher as the teacher has 72 hours in which to resolve an issue. 
Clearing an Absence:
Absences need to be cleared within 5 days of the absence by a note, voice message or email.  Please reach out to the Attendance Team:   or leave a message at (650) 595-0210 X30000
Attendance Line Available 24/7 to Clear Absences
Attendance (650) 595-0210 x30000 / x30001 (Spanish)
Attendance Office hours: 7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Attendance Team: