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Computer Science

Computer Science Department Course Catalog Descriptions
Introduction to Computer Science: Mobile Apps Development
Grades 9-12
A one-year course in which students use the programming language App Inventor to build apps to use on Android mobile devices. Students build increasingly complicated apps utilizing many of the features that mobile devices offer including, but not limited to: location sensor, orientation sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, text to speech and speech to text, camera, sound recorder, texting, clock, video player and so on. All work is submitted via the student’s personal website, so students become conversant with Google sites as well.
Computer Science: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Prerequisite: Algebra 1  Grades 9-12
An honors-level course that introduces students to Computer Science through the popular Python programming language. Students will become familiar with basic coding structures such as loops and conditional decisions, learn basic algorithms, and interpret written problems with code. There’s an emphasis on different applications of computer science, including art, music and big data. This course is excellent preparation for the AP Computer Science A class.
AP Computer Science A: Java
Prerequisites: Algebra II and CS Structure or  Honors level math (Passed Algebra II Honors or higher). Strongly recommended that students take the Python course, CS Structure, before taking this course.
Grades 11, 12
A one-year college-level course that prepares students for the national AP Computer Science A exam (the long-standing exam first offered in 1984). Students will develop computational programming skills in the Java language. Major topics include: (I) Object-Oriented Program Design; (II) Program Implementation; (III) Program Analysis; (IV) Standard Data Structures; (V) Standard Operations and Algorithms; and (VI) Computing in Context.
Computer Science: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
Prerequisites: AP Computer Science A or passing grade on AP Exam
Grades 11, 12
A one-year college-level course examining the internal organization and operation of digital computers. Topics include: Machine architecture, support for high-level languages (logic, arithmetic, instruction sequencing) and operating systems (I/O, interrupts, memory management, process switching); Elements of computer logic design; Trade-offs involved in fundamental architectural design decisions. The primary programming languages used are C and MIPS Assembly.
P: This course meets the UC a-g (“g” college-preparatory elective) requirement.
Computer Science Department Members

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CS Structure
Sheridan, Joshua  Mobile Apps Development
Voldstad, Karyn  AP CS-A,  CS Structure, Department Chair