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First semester: The last date to drop without penalty 9/22/21
Last date to drop 11/10/21
Second semester: The last date to drop without penalty 2/16/22
Last date to drop 4/20/22
New Student Registration

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New Student Registration


Due to COVID-19, All registrations are done electronically
For more information, email Irma Abelt at 
Sequoia High School District info  

*Feeder schools are local public middle schools in the San Carlos, Belmont, and Redwood City areas. Please check with your school or check the school boundaries at the district website if you are unsure about your feeder/non-feeder status.
For Open Enrollment  visit:
The following registration information is for students who are transferring high schools or coming from a non-feeder middle school.

FEEDER MIDDLE SCHOOLS: 8th-grade students from FEEDER schools will NOT need to complete in-person registration unless they transferred into an 8th-grade feeder school after December of their 8th-grade year. Otherwise, students from feeder schools ONLY need to complete Address Verification with the district office.

ALL NON-FEEDER/TRANSFER STUDENTS: Please complete the Address Verification form electronically. After your address is approved, forward the form in an email to  Irma Abelt to receive the registration Link 
Required Documents
  • Address Verification Form
  • Immunization Records -Immunizations Required for enrollment: 3 Dtap, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 1 Tdap, 2 Varicella or History of Chickenpox
  • Transcript (current 9th-12th) or 8th-grade Report Card (if incoming 9th for next school year)
  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Withdrawal Grades (if transferring mid-semester during the current school year, 9th-12th grades)
  • Parent/Guardian ID 
  • Copy of recent IEP (required if the student is in Special Education)
Incoming 9th-grade students need to show the most recent reading assessment that provides a Lexile level, please attach it to the registration packet.
Lexile = a common metric method used to measure a student’s reading ability) from existing assessments that they already give (i.e., MAP, I-Ready, SRI, etc). The Lexile level will always be shown as a number with an “L” after it — for example, 770L = 770 Lexile. The higher the Lexile measure, the higher the student’s reading level. 
Students without Lexie scores will need to take a reading assessment.
Students whose second language is English will also need to complete the English Language Proficiency Assessment. (ELPAC)
The appointment will be scheduled once registration is complete.
650-595-0210 ext.30095
Por favor complete la forma de VERIFICACION DE DOMICILIO  en linea, despues de que sea aprovada, envie un corero electrónico a Irma Abelt para empezar el registro en Carlmont 
Documentos Requeridos
  • Forma de Verificación de Domicilio
  • Vacunas Las vacunas requeridas para la inscripción: 3 DTaP, 4 Polio, 2, 1 TDAP, 2 MMR, 2 Varicela o Historia de la varicela
  • Reporte de calificaciones (boleta de calificaciones)
  • Certificado de nacimiento original o pasaporte
  • Calificaciones de salida (si la transferencia es durante la mitad del semestre o durante el año escolar para estudiantes corrientemente en grados 9 - 12)
  • Identificación con foto del padre/tutor 
  • Reporte de Educacion Especial (Si aplica)
Estudiantes en noveno 
Si su estudiante ha tomado una evaluación de lectura reciente que proporciona un nivel Lexile, por favor envíelo con el paquete de registro. Lexile = un método métrico común utilizado para medir la capacidad de lectura de un estudiante) a partir de evaluaciones existentes que ya dan (es decir, MAP, I-Ready, SRI, etc.). El nivel Lexile siempre se mostrará como un número con una "L" después de él, por ejemplo, 770L = 770 Lexile. Cuanto mayor sea la medida Lexile, mayor será el nivel de lectura del estudiante.
En caso de no tener este document los estudiantes deberan de tomar un examen de Ingles despues del registro.

Los estudiantes cuyo segundo idioma es Inglés también tendrán que completar la prueba de Suficiencia del Idioma Ingles de California (ELAPC). La cita será programada cuando el registro está completo.

Comuniquese con:
Irma Abelt
650-595-0210 ext.30095
Counseling Info for 8th Graders

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Counseling Info for 8th Graders

Useful tools and information for incoming 8th Grade students and families
Incoming 9th from non-feeder schools and 10th graders will need to complete Math and English placement testing. The appointment will be scheduled once registration is complete. Testing appointments are available on weekdays only. Please check with Irma Abelt regarding the test procedure and appointment.
Students whose second language is English will also need to complete the English Language Proficiency Assessment. (ELPAC)
The appointment will be scheduled once registration is complete.
Summer Course Acknowledgment
Parents and students should be aware that SUHSD program sequences were designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet A-G requirements.  While the SUHSD will accept the acceleration of students through a WASC accredited, UC-approved online or summer program, not all summer or online courses are of similar quality.  SUHSD students who take classes during the school year receive 139 hours of classroom instruction and do an average of 30 min. of homework for each hour of instruction (208.5 hrs).  Because some online and summer courses offer much less instructional time and lack the advantage of a classroom instructor, students participating in abbreviated programs will be at a disadvantage when proceeding through a high school pathway.  Additionally, families should note that CHS will not enroll students in an AP class if they have taken the same course at the college or community college level since it is recognized as repeating the course.
For more information please contact Carlmont liaisons:
Nesbit - Ross Yokomura
Ralston - Last names A-G Kim Miller
               Last names H-O Kristin Vernon
               Last names P-Z Julia Smith
San Carlos Charter - Connie Dominguez
Tierra Linda - Last names A-L Maria Ibarra
  Last names M-Z Mathew Ledesma
Sandpiper -
Online Information Update 
Starting May 1st all families will participate in the Online Information Update (OIU) through Infinite Campus. Families will confirm that their contact information is correct as well as view and acknowledge several district-wide policies.  At the end of the process, you will see your student's course selections.  At this time, you will have the opportunity to submit online questions to the counseling department. Please note that our counselors are currently registering our 9th - 11th-grade students will not be able to respond to 8th-grade registration questions about course selections until May 1st.  Counselors have between May 1st and May 21st to respond to questions through the OIU.
Course Selection

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Course Selection

The Course Catalog/Program Planning Handbook is published to assist parents and their high school students in educational planning and course selection. Guidance is given for course selection, for grading interpretation, for meeting college admission requirements, and for completing graduation requirements. Special education is described. Schooling alternatives are listed. Guidance services are outlined. The whole purpose of the Course Catalog/Program Planning Handbook is to offer a single source of information about each high school so that families can make informed choices.
All students are also asked to use the Weekly Class Homework Averages form and Time Management Worksheet to gain a better understanding of the workload-specific to their class schedule for the coming year. Please contact your Guidance Counselor for any questions regarding scheduling.
Transcript Request

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Transcript Request

There are three types of transcripts offered during different semesters.
Initial transcripts are available in the fall which encompasses 9th - 11th grade.
Mid-Year transcripts  are available mid January which encompasses 9th - first semester of 12th grade.
Final transcripts are available mid June which encompasses all four years.

 For Common App student's, request transcript on Naviance in the college section. This document will be  sent when your counselor sends your initial letter of recommendation in the fall of your Senior year.
Please see your counselor to discuss the counselor letter of recommendation required for the Common App.
Current seniors will need to pay a one time $5 fee for their first OFFICIAL transcript request.
 Check with Ms. Abelt to pay the fee or if you have questions. 
For private and out of state colleges applications request should be made through Naviance.

Please note that the CSUs and UCs will REQUEST a transcript only if they need it.

If you are an ALUMNI/Former Student, please send your request to one of the following Guidance Information Specialists, in person or by mail/email. There is a one time $5 fee (cash or check only) for your first transcript request during the current school year.
Please fill out the form provided below if you need an official/unofficial transcript. You may also drop into the Counseling Office to fill out a request in person. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 – 3:45.

Last Name A - L: Yvonne Chamorro / / extension 30097

Last Name M - Z: Elizabeth DeSpain / /   extension 30096

For additional questions, please contact the Counseling office at 650-595-0210.

Counseling Fax: 650-413-3329
Education Verifications

Education_Verifications iconEducation Verificationstitle

For background screenings, please fax your education verification request to 650-413-3329, including a complete date of birth and applicant's authorization to release information. Electronic signature is accepted. Turn around time is 2-3 days. For further information, please contact the following Guidance Information Specialists:

Last Name A - L: Yvonne Chamorro , extension 30097

Last Name M - Z: , Elizabeth DeSpain   extension 30096
Records Request

Records_Request iconRecords Requesttitle

Schools requesting student records can send an email or fax request to the following Guidance Information Specialists:

Yvonne Chamorro - Last Names A - L

Elizabeth DeSpain - Last Names M - Z

Guidance Fax: 650-413-3329


CEEB CODE: 050270
Counseling Presentations

Counseling_Presentations iconCounseling Presentationstitle

Counseling Staff

Counseling_Staff icon
Counseling Staff

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
DePaoli, Tammy Head Counselor (On Medical Leave) 30090
Abelt, Irma School Registrar 30095
Chamorro, Yvonne Guidance Information Specialist 30097
DeSpain, Elizabeth Guidance Information Specialist 30096
Dominguez, Connie Counselor 30094
Ibarra, Maria Counselor 30098
Ledesma, Matthew Counselor 30088
Miller, Kimberly Counselor 30091
Rasor, Nina College and Career Assistant 33100
Smith, Julia Counselor 35004
Torres, Theresa Interim Head Counselor 30092
Vernon, Kristin Counselor 30093
Yokomura, Ross Counselor 30099