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Summer Reading

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Summer reading is required for all students in the Sequoia Union High School District. In our AS-level classes, an assessment will be given in the first few days of school. 
AS/AP classes will have additional assignments to complete (see the links below) along with the reading and will use the texts extensively as part of their curriculum. All students should come to school having read the assigned text(s).

Carlmont English Department Summer Assignments (please note - accounts from San Carlos School District cannot access this. This is not a restriction from our end - sorry).
Copies are available for purchase at local bookstores and online. If you cannot afford to buy a copy, a limited number will be available in the local public libraries as well as in Carlmont’s textbook room.
AP/AS English Course Info

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While Carlmont has an open-enrollment policy in regard to advanced courses, being successful requires students to dedicate themselves to the rigor of AS/AP English. When considering overriding placement recommendations, please note the following:

Students scoring lower than 10.0 on the GMRT tend to have difficulty with the Advanced English curricula. Successful Advanced English students demonstrate reading and writing skills well above grade level. With that in mind, the focus of these courses is more on content than on skill building.

Please note: Four-year colleges do not accept D or F grades for credit and AS/AP classes are not offered in summer school. Students who fail an AS/AP course will need to make up the course credits; however, the original grade of D or F will remain on the transcript and calculated into the  grade point average (GPA). Because of limited summer resources, students earning a D may not be able to make up the course.

The AS/AP English curricula are designed to prepare students to take Advanced Placement (AP) English exam(s) during 12th grade. AP courses are college level courses. There are only three years to prepare students for AP classes, thus the instructional pace in AS English is rapid and the focus is primarily on analytical writing and critical thinking.  Grades are based primarily on writing assignments and projects. High-level participation and nightly homework completion are expected of all AS/AP English students.

AS English students can expect to read approximately twenty to twenty-five pages per night in addition to having other English homework and homework for other courses.

Late work is not accepted (except for excused illness and Special Education considerations).

Carlmont offers support classes in math and English. The classes are designed to help fill-in any gaps in learning or gaps in prior content knowledge. Students receive additional content-specific instruction to help support the learning in their college
English Grade Definitions

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In 10th grade students can choose a thematic pathway to follow during their high school career. Check the links below for more information:

See more information below:
Media Arts English Information

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Media Arts 10th grade pathway

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10th Grade
(English 2 for MA, AS English 2 for MA)
(Digital Photo 1, Digital Art 1)

Students will take an English for Media Pathway class and may choose one of the art electives listed above. 

The Art class will fulfill the graduation requirement for art and is UC (F for Fine Arts) approved. It will introduce basic art and design concepts and allow students to learn about how to produce commercial art.

The English class will be offered for students as either a regular college prep level or advanced English class.  The curriculum will cover all Common Core English Standards for 10th grade, but it will also focus more heavily on writing, ethics, legal issues, and historical implications of media.  Students who complete this class will have been introduced to multiple styles of writing and will have a grasp of how to write for different audiences. Students will submit work to be published work on Scot Scoop News.

11th Grade
Students will take a traditional offering for their English class (AS English 3 or English 3)

Students can choose either CTE Digital Journalism 2 or Yearbook as one elective and may choose from several options for the art elective including: Film Critique/Video Production, Digital Photography, Digital Arts 2, Studio Art/AP Studio Art.

12th Grade
Students will take a traditional offering for their English class.
(AP Language/Comp, AP Lit, or English 4)

Students can continue with the CTE Digital Journalism 3 or Yearbook classes, and may take another art pathway elective (either an advanced version of their 11th grade choice or a different one depending on personal interest).

English Department Members

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Questions regarding Carlmont's English department can be directed to Justin Raisner - Department Chair
Dial (650) 595-0210 and then an extension below
Name (click on name to email) Phone
Raisner, Justin Department Chair, Media Arts (AS and CP), Journalism 2/3, Media Adviser  39655 
Calvin, Sara AS English 2, English 2, English 2 Support  39614
Cortez, Oscar Academic Literacy, English 3, English 4  
Gold, Susan BTI English 2, BTI English 3  39710 
Humes, Jody AS English 2, English 1  39647 
Jay, Tiffany English 1, AS English 1 39635
Gaitan, Addison English 1, AS English 1, AVID  39671
Lucia, Stephen AP Literature  39708 
Madson, Kylie AS English 1, English 2  
Migdail, Erik AP Comp/Lang, English 3, AS English 3  39617 
Pierce, Carole BTI English 4  39609 
Redmon, Kelly English 1, English 1 Support  39661 
Simpson, Lisa English 3, English Intensive, English Intervention  39670 
Shusterman, Cindy English 4, AP Seminar, AVID  39613
Soelberg, Kenneth English SPED  34313 
Steward, Denise English 1, AS English 3, AVID  39623 
Turkis, Martin AP Comp/Lang, AS English 2, AS English 3  39679 
Van Sebille, Emily English 2, AS English 3  
Walen, Janet English SPED  39640 
Wallace, Carolyn AS English 1, English 3  39611 
Watkins, Cheri AS English 1, English 4