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Library Staff

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Dial (650) 595-0210 and then an extension below
Name (click on name to email) Phone
Laine, Alice Librarian  34204 
Soelberg, Danette Library Assistant / Textbooks  34205 
Library Hours

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School Year Hours

Mon - Fri  7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Doors close at 3:40 p.m.
Closed for mandatory staff meetings, events, testing, and school holidays.

Library Mission Statement

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The Carlmont Library supports the school's educational program. The library offers a place for students to study, develop research skills, and establish a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning. The library staff works to provide students and teachers with high-quality library services and to develop a strong resource collection that responds to the needs of a diverse population of faculty and students.
Become a Library Volunteer!

Become a Library Volunteer! iconBecome a Library Volunteer!title

Do you love to organize, alphabetize and put things in order?

If so, consider volunteering for the Carlmont Library. We need volunteers who can help us shelve and/or repair books once a week.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Soelberg at
Volunteers will first need to register with the District, so please plan ahead!
Library Resources & Facility

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Digital Resource Website

Digital Resource Website

Students will need a username and/or password to access many of the digital resources (contact Mrs. Laine  for details).

Library Facilities

The library

The library is an academic environment. All student MUST have a student ID to check out books and use library study space. Students with a free period must also register with the library. Students sent to the library during class time must come with an official white pass. (Limit of 4 students per classroom)

The Library study area has a total capacity of 48 students, including four long tables and six square tables. Up to 20 students may be seated individually (40 working in pairs) at the computer workstations. There is also a silent study table available near the circulation desk, which can accommodate up to six students at a time.

Computers and Internet Use Policy

The Library computer area consists of 20 student PC workstations, which are linked to a staff computer equipped with demonstration software. A cart of 30 Chromebooks is also available for visiting research classes and may be checked out for use in the classroom use for library related lessons.

Computers are often reserved for class use. Student must register using a Google form at the Sign-In Workstations before using a computer. Students may print one 4-page text only document per day. Students may also be asked to limit their time when there are other students waiting.

Telecommunications-Use Agreement Student Electronic Information Resource Agreement (English/Spanish)

Library Catalog (Destiny)

Destiny is available from all library and school computers. All teachers and staff have a username and password to log in their accounts. Students will use their Canvas usernames and passwords to log in to their accounts. Account users are allowed to create My List of library materials, to submit reviews, and access expanded search options.

Databases and eBooks

The library subscribes to several research databases, including: Artemis (integrates Literature Resources Center & Gale Virtual Reference Library ebook titles), Opposing Viewpoints In Context, Student Resources Center In Context, Science Resources In Context, Informe (Spanish language encyclopedia), and Gale Virtual Reference Library ebooks. Additional Nonfiction and Fiction ebooks may be accessed through the Destiny library catalog.

Print Publications

The Library collection consists of over 15,000 books, including an up-to-date reference section, curriculum-based nonfiction, a biography section, and a fiction section with award winning titles selected from the California Department of Education recommended literature and from the Young Adult Library Services Association book lists for young adults. The library also offers to 23 magazines and the San Mateo Times newspaper.

Special Collections and Alternative Format Materials

The Library’s print collection also includes an American Decades collection of books divided into time spans of 10 year periods of United States History. The library also keeps a collection of books dedicated to career and college exploration. There is also a separate collection of test preparation and study skills materials available for in-library use.

Alternative format materials, such as large print, Braille, or audio books are provided on an as needed basis. Students with an approved disability may access online materials through the Bookshare program

Teacher Services

Teacher Services iconTeacher Servicestitle

Teacher Collaboration

The Library Staff is here to help! Let us know how we can assist you and your students in the library. We can pull books for research projects, recommend a good website, or teach your students how to use library resources such as the library catalog or research database. We can also work with you to obtain materials based on your needs and recommendations. You may phone, send an email, or come into the library to reserve time. Please note that substitute teachers are not allowed to attend visits to the library.

Sign-Up to Use the Library

If you would like to schedule an appointment for you and your class to visit the library, please first check with the librarian. She will work with you to structure your visit and place your class on the library calendar, which is available for viewing via Google Apps. Sign-ups are made on a first-come first to serve basis.

Sending Students to the Library

Library materials, study area, and computer workstations are available for students during class time with a valid Student ID and official (white) school pass, written legibly, that includes the student’s first and last name, your name, and the date and time sent. Students sent without either of these will be sent back to class. Please keep in mind, however, that space is limited and the library is often reserved for class use and/or testing. Please call ahead for availability or check the library calendar via Google Apps. Students who need to use library resources will be given priority - up to 4 students from a single teacher. If you have a student who needs a textbook(s), please send them to the Textbook Room during drop-in hours only before school, during lunch, and after 6th period only. Do not send students during class time. If you need extra textbook, please contact Mrs. Feitelberg.

Textbook Information

The Library and Textbook programs use a combined computer management system called Destiny. The Library Assistant maintains student textbooks and library books. She also records fines and generate bills for unreturned/damaged books. Teachers may work with the Library Assistant and their Department Chair to reserve books based on their section assignments. Requests must be submitted to the Library Assistant using the "blue" form as soon as they are certain of their teaching assignment to guarantee placement on the Fall textbook distribution schedule. At the start of school, teachers will receive date/times to bring their students to the Textbook Room to checkout their textbooks.

During the year, teachers should submit a "golden rod" request form for textbooks (available in the textbook room). Please allow at least 5 days advance notice. The Library Assistant will process your request and schedule your classes to come to the Textbook Room for distribution. *Note that all textbooks requested after Fall distribution are distributed on Wednesdays only.

At the end of the year, teachers will receive a calendar of important dates and a Guideline for Textbook Collection handout. Teachers are encouraged to follow these instructions as closely as possible to keep their department’s textbook collection intact.