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Math Department Members

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Dial (650) 595-0210 and then an extension below
Name (click on name to email) Phone
Tsuchiyama, Robert
Department Chair/ Alg II/Trig / Pre-Calculus Honors
Aidi, Rick Alg 1/Geometry/AVID 39645 
Aguilar, Marco Alg 1/Geometry/Algebra Readiness Support  39675 
Callan, Kimberly Alg 2  39663 
Cisneros, Luz Integrated Math/Alg 1  39672 
Chun, Ryan Alg 1  39714 
Codianne, Mary Alg 2/Pre-Calculus  39680 
Fronk, Tomiko Alg 2/Trig / Pre-Calculus  39613
Govani, Kris  Adv Computer Sci Structure/ Intro to Business 39666
Grandon, Marianne Alg Readiness Year 1/Alg Readiness Year 2/Alg II  39678 
McGinnis, Gayle Precalculus  39628 
McNinch, Molly Geometry 9/ AP Calculus AB/AP Research 39648
Miskelly, Matt AP Calculus AB/Geometry/AVID  39681 
Nguyen, Dan Alg 1/Alg II Trig 39716
Pearlman, Rebecca Stats/AP Stats  39697 
Ramroth, Andrew AP Calc BC/Geometry Enriched/AVID  39602 
Skrable, Michael Precalc Honors/Multivariable Calc  39685 
Voldstad, Karyn AP Computer Science/Algebra I Support/ Integrated Math  39658 
Math Awards Night Programs

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WANTED: iconWANTED:title

We've been able to post all the programs except for these years: 1998, 1988, 1986, 1985, 1984, and 1976. If you have one of those years, please contact Mr. Tsuchiyama or Ms. Voldstad