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Media Arts Studies


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Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Raisner, Justin Department Chair, Media Arts (AS and CP), Journalism 2/3, Media Adviser 39655
Media Arts Pathway

Media_Arts_Pathway iconMedia Arts Pathwaytitle

This pathway fulfills English, Art, and CTE (also possibly can earn college credit)

A graduate from the pathway will possess skills necessary to find a job and succeed in communications, journalism, graphic design, and more.

Several classes (marked by *) are in the process of getting an articulation agreement with community colleges that will allow students to earn college credits while completing the pathway.

This is intended for the following students
  • Interested in media or art studies
  • Does not need to be an AS student - looking for all students
Students should expect several writing and art assignments to be completed each year while in the pathway. Classes will require students to manage their own projects and be able to work in a cooperative team environment.

10th Grade
(English 2 for MAS, AS English 2 for MAS)
(Computer Graphics)

Students will take an English for Media Pathway class as well as a Computer Graphics class. The Computer Graphics art class will fulfill the graduation requirement for art, and it will introduce students to Adobe software, graphic design, html, and Unity coding. This class will introduce basic art and design concepts and allow students to learn about how to produce commercial art, such as editorial design and illustration.

The English class will be offered as either a regular college prep level or advanced English class. The curriculum will include some of the coursework of the traditional English classes, but it will also focus more heavily on writing, ethics, legal issues, and historical implications. By the second semester, students will be publishing work on Scot Scoop News.
11th Grade

Students will take a traditional offering for their English class.
(AS English 3 or English 3)

Students can choose either journalism or yearbook as one elective and may choose from several options for the art elective including: Film Critique/Video Production, Digital Photography, Digital Arts 2, Studio Art/AP Studio Art, Illustration and Graphic Design for Media Pathway
12th Grade

Students will take a traditional offering for their English class.
(AP Language/Comp, AP Lit, or English 4)

Students can continue with the advanced journalism or yearbook classes, and may take another art pathway elective (either an advanced version of their 11th grade choice or a different one depending on personal interest).

Pathway iconPathwaytitle

English Class Elective 1 Elective 2
10th English 2 for Media Arts Pathway
AS English 2 for Media Arts Pathway
(fulfills Art or CTE)Art 1 for Media Arts Pathway
11th English 3
AS English 3
Journalism 2 * (CTE)
Yearbook 1
- Film Critique/Video 1- Digital Photography 1*- Digital Art 1 *- Studio Art/AP Studio Art- Illustration and Graphic Design for Media Pathway*
12th English 4
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature
Journalism 3 (Media Leadership, UC G Elective) *
Yearbook 2
- Digital Photography 2*- Digital Art 2*- AP Art History- AP Studio Art 2- Illustration and Graphic Design 2 for Media Pathway*
Expectations for students

Expectations_for_students iconExpectations for studentstitle

Students in the program will be held accountable to these guidelines.
Application Form

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Interested students should complete the form below. If you have questions, you can email Justin Raisner.