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Social Studies

Social Studies Department Members

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Social Studies Department Members

Questions regarding Carlmont's Social Studies department can be directed to Jayson Waller - Department Chair

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Waller, Jayson Department Chair, AP US History, AP Euro 39643
Beltramo, Marcus World Studies, US History 39676
Braunstein, David AP Gov/Econ, Gov/Econ 39618
Braunstein, Patricia World Studies, AP Euro 39692
Di Cicco, Marcello US History, World Studies 39682
Garcia, Jaime MEH, World Studies 39637
Gomez, David AP US History, US History 39619
Harrison, Jarrod AP US History, US History 39641
Manuel, Julie AP Psychology, AP Research, BTI Gov/Econ 39709
McKee, Michelle AP Psychology, Psychology, Ethnic Studies 39686
Messina, Jake World Studies, MEH 39601
Moynihan, Lindesy BTI US History, BTI Modern Euro History, World Studies 30508
Nichols, Cyriakos World Studies, Modern Euro History 39616
Ramroth, Karen Gov/Econ, Ethnic Studies 39657
Schoenstein, Greg AP Euro, World Studies 39633
Sokoloski-Weisman, Kris AP Gov/Econ 39667