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The resources below are for use by PTSA Officers and Committee Chairs.

When you know your PTSA Committee will be incurring an upcoming budgeted expense, please present a motion at a PTSA General Association Meeting to release funds for that budgeted expense.

For example: "I make a motion to release funds to pay for _item(s)_ from the _line item from PTSA budget_." Once your motion is approved, you can then fill out a Reimbursement Request Form or a Cash Advance Request Form (as appropriate, below) and attach a file that has a copy of your receipts.
  • Financial Procedure Flowchart — This flowchart shows the process for releasing budgeted funds and submitting payment requests for funds.
  • Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement Form - 2019-2020 —This form is to be used to request reimbursement for funds spent on budgeted items.
  • Cash Verification Form —This form is to be used any time cash is collected for any reason. Cash must be counted and verified by at least two committee members or officers, at the event, before money is moved. You should consult with the PTSA Treasurer regarding proper cash handling rules and procedures prior to any event where cash is collected.