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Officers and Committee Chairs

PTSA Executive Board Officers 2019-2020 Board Job Description
First VP, Communications Chair Joan Dirstine 
Second VP, Chair of Fundraising Committees Michelle Kelley
Third VP, Chair of Community Outreach Committees Eric Manning
Financial Secretary Terri Mark
Treasurer Andrea Jefferson
Recording Secretary Adria Matthews
Auditor Heather Irwin
Historian Kate Shephard
Parliamentarian Annie Ferme
Principal Ralph Crame
Class of 2020/ Senior Class chair Laura Hendriksen
Class of 2020/Senior Class chair Amy Sue Lombardi
Class of 2021/Junior Class chair Carrie Fromm
Class of 2022/Sophmore Class chair Mylin Nightengale
Class of 2023/ Freshman Class OPEN
PTSA Committee Chairs Person
8th Grade Transition Committee Chair Chris Cook
CAF CART Liaison Annie Ferme
eNewsletter/Announcement Editor Anna Mui
eScrip/Rebate Programs Coordinator Becky O'Driscoll
Grad Day Concession OPEN
Grad Day Leis Sales OPEN
Honorary Volunteer Service Awards Michelle Loffe
Hospitality Chair Amber Paulus
Marketing Mandy Gibbs
Membership Laura Parks
Pantry Chair Yasemin Block
Parent Education Chair Paige Perez
PE Clothes Sales Co-Chair Amy Sue Lombardi
PE Clothes Sales Co-Chair Eric Manning
PTSA Online Registration/Payment Coordinator Annie Ferme
PTSA Webpage Webmaster Clarissa Naftzger
Reflections Art Program Chair Mandy Gibbs
Senior Student Scholarship  OPEN
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Maija Kelley
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Amy Sue
Student Store Chair Evelyn Chen
Fedora Chen
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Amber Paulus
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Jessica Mattioli
Volunteer Coordinator Amy Patel
PTSA Executive Board Officers 2018-2019
President Paige Perez Paige P
1st VP of Communications Michelle Kelly Michelle K
2nd VP, Fundraising Sue Kim-Ahn Sue KA
3rd VP, Community Outreach Heather Irwin HIrwin
Treasurer Terri Mark Terri M
Recording Secretary Adria Matthews Adria M
Financial Secretary Silvia Chung SChung
Auditor Wayne Ram WRam
Historian Kate Shephard Kate S
Parliamentarian Annie Ferme Annie F
Principal Ralph Crame
Associated Student Body (ASB) President  
Associated Student Body (ASB) Vice President  
Associated Student Body (ASB) Vice President  
Class of 2019/Senior Class Co-Chair Ivy Franaszek IFranaszek
Class of 2019/Senior Class Co-Chair Kathryn Zorb KZorb
Class of 2020/Junior Class Co-Chair Laura Hendriksen LHendriksen
Class of 2020/Junior Class Co-Chair Amy Sue Lombardi ALombardi
Class of 2021/Sophomore Class Chair Carrie Fromm
Class of 2022/Freshman Class Chair Mylinh Nightengale NMylinh
PTSA Committee Chairs 2018-2019
8th Grade Transition Committee Chair Chris Cook CChris
CAF CART Liaison Laura Hendriksen LHendriksen
eNewsletter/Announcement Editor Anna Mui MAnna
eScript/Rebate Program Coordinator Olga Freed O_Freed
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Azi Dennler Azi D
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Annette Robinson Annette R
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Open
Parent Education Chair Alicia Frangos Alicia F 
Marketing Heidi Skrenta SHeidi
Membership Chair Catherine Buckman BCatherine
Student Store Chair Fedora Chen and Evelyn Chen Student Store
Spiritwear Co-Chair Maija Kelley M_Kelley
Spiritwear Co-Chair Amy Sue  
Mock SAT/ACT Tests Carol Tseng Carol T
Volunteer Coordinator Open P_Wampler
Pantry Chair Yasemin Block BYasemin
Reflections Art Program Chair Suzette Gulsen SGulsen
Grad Day Leis Sales Angela Peters APeter
Grad Day Leis Sales Maggie Diab  MDiab
Grad Day Leis Sales Elizabeth Bench EBench
Grad Day Concession Ellen Shea EShea
Grad Day Concession Lynn Meadow LMeadow
Honorary Volunteer Service Awards Open  
Hospitality Chair Carrie Fromm C_Fromm
Senior Student Scholarship Annie Ferme AFerme
PE Clothes Sales Cindy Lee CLee
PE Clothes Sales
Cristina Meeks C Meeks
Volunteer Coordinator Laura Hendriksen LHendriksen
Webmaster Andrew Pham SPham