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Summer School


It is important that any student enrolled in summer school attend regularly and on time. During the school year a student must complete 60 hours of in-class time to receive credit. In summer school, students are trying to earn enough seat time to earn credit, meaning that attendance is extremely important.

Attendance is taken every hour in summer school.
  • 2 tardies = 1 absent
  • If a student is more than 30 minutes late for a class period, it is marked as an absence.
  • Students may not exceed 10 total hours of absences. (1 day of summer school = 5 hours of class.)
  • Any student missing 2 days of summer school will be dropped. A guardian will be called and informed of the student being dropped from summer school.

Each student must sign a Behavior Expectations Policy at the beginning of summer school. Students will be dismissed from summer school for repeated disruptive behavior.

This may include, but not limited to:
  • cell phone or other electronic devices use in the classroom
  • being tardy to class
  • wandering outside of classroom during class time
  • dressing inappropriately
  • failing to follow normal classroom procedures
  • disrupting the learning environment in any way
Major infractions for immediate dismissal and possible further consequences:
  • fighting or attempting to cause harm to another
  • possessing, using or attempting to sell drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance
  • possessing a weapon
  • engaging in habitual profanity
  • bullying or threatening another student
  • defying a valid school authority

Students will be requesting summer school classes when they meet with their counselor to register for next year's courses. If you are on the wait-list for Summer 2019, please come to U10 before 8am on Monday, June 17. 

Contact Information

Summer School Principal: Stephen Lucia

Summer School Principal  Extension # 39099 Outside # (650) 413-3347

Summer School Secretary Extension # 39098 Outside # (650) 413-3348
Carlmont High School - Summer Bus Run Schedule 2019

Print the Summer Bus Run Schedule (PDF)


The goal of the Compass program is to provide some academic acclimation to the coursework incoming freshman will deal with, as well as the necessary mental/social preparation they will need to juggle the coursework, new social dynamics, and overall mindsets to reach their full potential. Students who attend Compass not only understand the type of work load that is expected during freshman year, but will also know the campus very well, have connections to freshman teachers (they teach freshman during the regular school year), and either strengthen or make new friendships to start the school year.
When? Tuesday, June 18 to Friday, July 12 (no school Thursday, July 4th) from 8:30am-1:30pm
New! Apply to Compass Online.
Compass Coordinator: Barbara Reklis


The goal of Elevate (a Math Program) is designed to get students ready for Algebra I. The dates are from June 17- July 19 from 8 am- 1:30 pm.
2019 Summer School Schedule