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Kelly, Jim
Freshman Leadership 1
ASB - Activities Council
ASB - Service Council
Carlmont Associated Student Body

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Carlmont Associated Student Body

Mission:  Engaged Students, Spirited Community.
Vision:  Scots Gathered... Smiling, Laughing, Involved. 
Motto: Spirit In, Spirit Out, Spirit Up
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Snapchat: carl.monty
Facebook: Carl Monty
 Carlmont ASB is a registered non-profit organization that abides by the rules of earning and spending its money as set forth by the California Education Code. As such, the ASB budget will always show a balance of revenue and expenses. And all money must be spent on the students of Carlmont for extra-curricular activities within the current school year. Following is a list of the expense categories as of 2017: Assemblies, Dances, Lunchtime Activities, Supervision, Training, CIF/CCS/PAL dues, Sports Expenses, ASB Supplies, Team Supplies.
Senior Activities/Graduation Information

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Senior Activities/Graduation Information

Class of 2021 Officers
President: Naya Salah
Vice Presidents: Amelia Hsich, Samantha Turtle
Advisor: Jim Kelly,
Cap, Gown, and Tassel
If you have not already picked up yours, please contact Mr. Kelly.
Senior Gala, May 21, 6:00-10:00 pm
For Carlmont Seniors, enjoy a formal night with each other in the Carlmont S-Wing courtyard. There will be a DJ, games, and food. Attire is formal. Social distancing and masks will be required. Cost is $21.00. Tickets can be purchased online, in school at lunch, and after the senior assembly.
Senior Recognition Night, June 3, 7:00-9:00 pm 
Celebrate the Class of 2021's academic achievements and special performing talents. We will be holding the ceremony on the football field. Ticket information will be forthcoming. There will be no cost for this event. This event will also be live streamed.
If you'd like to perform at SRN, please complete this form: SRN PERFORMANCE REQUEST FORM
Graduation Practice, June 3, 1:00 pm
All grads will be required to attend a practice. Please arrive at the football field by 9:45 am on June 3. 
Graduation Ceremony, June 4, 10:00 am
We will be holding an in-person graduation ceremony on the football field. Grads can invite 2 family members each. Socially distanced seating will be pre-assigned. Masks will be required. There is no cost for this event. 
Seniors must complete this form to request. GRADUATION TICKET REQUEST FORM
Mental Health Matters

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Mental Health Matters

Please click on this link for a variety of mental and physical health resources.
Carlmont Clubs

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Carlmont Clubs

__________No clubs can be renewed or started after September 2, 2020_________
To Renew or Start a school club,
Before September 2, 2020, if you want to start a club OR RENEW AN EXISTING CLUB, find a teacher to agree to be the club advisor. Agree upon the days of the week or month that you will meet.
Then, have the teacher email Mr. Kelly for the Charter Request. Students are not allowed to complete Charter Requests. 
Please note that California Ed. Code states that clubs cannot raise funds for charitable causes. ASB cannot approve clubs whose function is to raise money for charity.


Important Dates

Please check this site and your emails for important dates


Forms for Clubs Fair - these forms will not be used in 2020

School Activity Clearance Form Use this form to request being cleared for classes.

Freshman Programs and Resources

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Freshman Programs and Resources

C.H.A.M.P. - Carlmont High Adjustment Mentor Program
Advice. Motivation. Guidance. Creating a better transition into Carlmont. 
The Carlmont High Adjustment Mentor Program (CHAMP) supports incoming freshmen and transfer students so they can have a more impactful and meaningful transition into high school. Incoming students will be paired with either a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior who shares a common interest(s) with themselves. These mentors will provide both academic and extracurricular guidance. Mentors will assist students and encourage them to get involved in many ways while simultaneously developing a personal relationship with them. CHAMP expects to play a key role in making the first-year experience a rewarding, fun, and successful welcome to the Carlmont community. 

Once paired, the freshman and mentor partnership will meet monthly to discuss topics ranging from how they are balancing homework, when sports tryouts are, to giving recommendations of clubs to join. Mentors are chosen and paired with careful regards to ensure that students receive the best information and experience. Mentors will serve as positive resources, along with role models for their corresponding student. 

Join CHAMP, and help to create a better transition into Carlmont!

Sign Up for CHAMP:
Become a Mentor: Mentor Application
Freshmen Tips
Hey Class of 2024. Click HERE for some helpful hints!
Freshmen Orientation Videos
Need some advice? Need some motivation? Click on these videos
ASB Commissioners Information

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ASB Commissioners Information

Apply to be appointed as a commissioner by the ASB Executive Board.
ASB Commissioner Information Meeting 
March 10, 11:00 am, email Mr. Kelly if you missed the meeting and need more information:
All applicants for ASB must complete this application: ASB Application Link  
All applicants must turn in a resume no later than the applicant's first interview.
Round 1 Interviews will be on 3/15 and 3/16 before 8:30 and after 2:30 and on 3/17 8:00-3:00. Round 2 Interviews will be at the same times but on 3/22, 3/23, 3/24. Qualified applicants must be available during those times.
Principal's Service Award

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Principal's Service Award

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ­ William James

Thank you for participating in the program for the Principal’s Service Award! The goal of this program is to encourage students to participate in community service activities that you enjoy, and to experience the true value of giving back to others.

Please click on this link to access all the forms you'll need:  Principal's Service Award Forms