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Student media

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Both media publications are open-forum outlets for student expression. Although the media are advised by Justin Raisner, the content is generated and approved by the students.

Students complete coursework on ethics, legal issues, and writing before being accepted onto the staff of either publication.

What is the difference between Highlander and Scot Scoop?

The Highlander is published eight times a year and offers a mix of reporting, analysis, criticism, and commentary. Although timely, there is less "breaking news" in the print edition and more focus on deeper feature-based reporting. Highlander was established in 2008 as a newspaper and has since evolved into a full-color newsmagazine.
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Scot Scoop, the online media source, delivers real-time reporting and is a vital role as the source for current events at the school.

Founded in 2010, Scot Scoop News is a student-run journalism website by Carlmont High School's journalism staff. Staff members and editors use a variety of tools and methods to produce, edit, and publish content.

How are The Bagpiper and The Highlander different?

The Bagpiper is the Carlmont PTSA's periodic newsletter that's sent out via mail which contains news updates from Carlmont's PTSA, administration, and other departments directed for parents.

The Highlander is a student-run newspaper by Carlmont's journalism staff. All content published in the Highlander is written by Carlmont journalism staff members or the editors.
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