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Governance Council

Governance Council

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Governance Council

The Governance Council is the principal Ad Hoc committee of the SSC.   The Governance Council was created for the purpose of empowering faculty/staff, students, parents, and members of the local community to directly contribute to the on-going success of Carlmont in the areas of technology, curriculum, safety, communication, and school policies.  The council also works toward assessing and optimizing the climate and culture at Carlmont, as well as assisting the SSC in meeting the school’s SPSA goals and objectives.
As of the start of the 2023-2023 school year Governance Council members attend joint monthly meetings as members of the Carlmont Site Council. As needs arise Governance Council serves as an ad hoc subcommittee to further investigate and create recommendations.

Mission and Purpose

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The Governance Council has been created for the purpose of empowering faculty, students, parents, and community to take responsibility for the on-going success of the Carlmont community.  The council works towards assessing and optimizing the climate and culture at Carlmont, as well as assisting the school in meeting its site and district goals.


The goal of the council is to create an atmosphere at Carlmont conducive to learning and distinguished by mutual trust, caring, and respect so that students can leave with the tools needed to reach their educational, social, and occupational goals in the world community.

Through shared decision making, the council plans to present opportunities for all of the stakeholders to participate in creating and achieving the goals for Carlmont.

The council is a forum for recommending policy to administration and other school bodies on a variety of topics that include curriculum (academic and vocational), facilities, safety, communication, and rules.