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Mission & Vision: Building Strong Community

The mission of Carlmont High School is to provide a supportive learning environment that allows all students to achieve success in academics and careers. A Carlmont education fosters a community of creative thinkers who are confident and collaborative in a rapidly changing society. Above all, we aspire to provide students with the skills they need to make positive contributions to their community and the world. 
Our vision is to provide all students with a relevant education in a collaborative and supportive environment that inspires excellence in learning. 


All Carlmont students will . . .

1. Read and communicate proficiently.

  • Read proficiently to gather, analyze, and evaluate information.

  • Communicate effectively through written and oral language.

2. Use problem-solving skills.

  • Use scientific, mathematical, technological, creative thinking, and critical reasoning skills in problem solving.

3. Understand and work collaboratively with diverse groups of people.

  • Work effectively in groups of individuals with diverse backgrounds, languages, ideas, and learning styles.

4. Demonstrate individual responsibility and respectful behavior.

  • Act ethically, responsibly, and respectfully, practicing principles of wellness and self-discipline.

5. Explore a variety of courses and enrichment activities.

  • Enroll in courses that not only meet the graduation requirements, but also explore other opportunities.

  • Participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics, clubs, community service, leadership, performing arts, work experience, etc.