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Carlmont Math Department

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2022 Carlmont Math Department

Math Department Members

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Math Department Members

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Miskelly, Matt Department Chair, Algebra 1, AP Calculus BC 39681
Aguilar, Marco Algebra 1, Statistics 39675
Aidi, Rick Geometry, AVID 39645
Callan, Kimberly Algebra 2, Integrated Math 39663
Chun, Ryan  Algebra 2/Trig, Honors Precalculus 39714
Donnelly, Jim Algebra 1, AVID 39613
Flores, Carlos Algebra 2, Data Science 39680
Ghishan, Ranya Algebra 2/Trig, Geometry 39644
Grandon, Marianne Precalculus 39678
LeCuyer, Anna Geometry 39628
McNinch, Molly AP Calculus AB
Nguyen, Dan Algebra 2/Trig, Precalculus
Pearlman, Rebecca Statistics, AP Statistics 39697
Ramroth, Andrew AP Calculus BC, AVID 39602
Ruiz, Pamela Geometry 39693
Skrable, Michael Geometry Enriched, Multivariable Calculus, Precalculus Honors 39685
Sodlapur, Madhu Algebra 1, Geometry Enriched 39672
Tsuchiyama, Robert Integrated Math, PreCalculus Honors 39701

Mathematics Course Pathways

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Math Awards Night Programs

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WANTED: icon

We've been able to post all the programs except for these years: 1998, 1988, 1986, and 1984. If you have one of those years, please contact Mr. Tsuchiyama or Ms. Voldstad