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Physical Education

PE Department Members

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PE Department Members

Questions regarding Carlmont's PE department can be directed to David Heck, PE Department Chair.

For Questions about after school sports teams contact Patrick Smith, Athletic Director


Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Heck, David Department Chair, Weight Training 30713
Lamb, Nicholas PE1 30712
Oliveira, Irene PE 1, Weight Training 33705
Secrist, Ame PE 2, Dance 33704
Smith, Patrick Athletic Director, Sports Leadership 33702
Vallero, Richard PE1, PE2 30711
PE Mission Statement

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PE Mission Statement

The Physical Education Department’s objective is to assist in developing students into a well adjusted individual: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Through the varied activities of the program, the department hopes to provide challenging and satisfying experiences in meaningful movement, self-expression, physical well being, and knowledge and techniques of sport activities. Our hopes are to provide our students with activities and experiences that they can enjoy for life.

Listed below are two website for parent information and questions regarding the State of California PFT:

T-SHIRT: Plain WHITE or GRAY T-shirt

WHITE or GRAY with Carlmont logo

SHORTS: Plain LIGHT GRAY or NAVY BLUE shorts with no design, no pockets

LIGHT GRAY or NAVY BLUE shorts with Carlmont logo

SWEATPANTS: Plain LIGHT GRAY sweatpants with no design or pockets

LIGHT GRAY sweatpants with Carlmont logo

Plain LIGHT GRAY or NAVY BLUE sweatshirt

LIGHT GRAY with Carlmont logo

Carlmont ASB Spiritwear sweatshirt in GRAY or NAVY BLUE, hoods OK