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Course Pathways and Info

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The documents below show course options and possible pathways for Carlmont students in Science.
Carlmont Science Courses Promotional Videos

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Science Department Members

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Science Department Members

Questions regarding Carlmont's Science department can be directed to Michal Nozik, Department Chair.

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Burndon, Leslie Biotech 1-2, Biomanufacturing 39625
Abdilla, Jaime Biotech 3-4 35040
Bellar, Paul Human Biology, Biology 39694
Bianchi, Brian Biology 39636
Bohac, James Physics, Engineering & Green Technology, Algebra 39677
Engberg, Josh Chem for Biotech 39651
Fung, Greg Physics, AP Physics 39631
Guzman (Gandara), Felix Chemistry, AP Chemistry 39627
Hagmann, Ian Physics, Engineering & Green Technology 39706
Hawkins, Taylor Biology, AP Environmental Science 39649
Hero, Melissa Biology, Mobile Apps 39684
Kochel, Tyler Biotech 1-2, Biology, AP Research 39665
Lu, Alyssa Chemistry, Human Biology 39668
Nguyen, Hai Chemistry 39634
O'Neall, Michael Biology, AP Environmental Science 39629
Schaal, Gregory Biology 39632
Shayesteh, Sara Biology, AP Biology 39656