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Social Studies

Social Studies Department Members

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Social Studies Department Members

Questions regarding Carlmont's Social Studies department can be directed to Jayson Waller - Department Chair

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
Waller, Jayson Department Chair, AP US History, AP World History 39643
Beltramo, Marcus AP Psychology, Psychology 39676
Braunstein, David Gov/Econ 39618
Braunstein, Patricia Ethnic Studies, AP World History (APWH) 39692
Callan, Travis AVID, US History, Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 30404
Cousin, Dina Gov/Econ, Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 30506
Di Cicco, Marcello US History, Modern World History (MWH) 39682
Fenech, Connor AP Gov/Econ, Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 39695
Gomez, David AP US History, US History 39619
Harrison, Jarrod AP US History, US History 39641
Horovitz, Rosa Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 30404
McKee, Michelle BTI Modern World History, Ethnic Studies 39686
Moynihan, Lindesy BTI US History, BTI Gov/Econ, Gov/Econ 30508
Perkins, Eric Life Skills/Ethnic Studies, REI 39508
Ramroth, Karen Gov/Econ, Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 39657
Schoenstein, Greg AP World, Modern World History 39633
Stone, Greer Modern World History, AP Gov/Econ 30423
Tanguay, Jeff Modern World History, Life Skills/Ethnic Studies 30507