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Media Arts Studies

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Raisner, Justin Department Chair, Media Arts (AS and CP), Journalism 2/3, Media Adviser 39655
Media Arts Pathway

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Media Arts Pathway

SIGN UP HERE: (form will close once we are at capacity for the program. Signups must be complete before March 15).
This pathway fulfills English and CTE. 

A graduate from the pathway will possess the skills necessary to find a job and succeed in communications, journalism, graphic design, and more. 

This is intended for the following students
  • Interested in media or art studies
  • Students who want to develop strong writing skills
  • Students who want to write for publication and become part of the student media staff
  • Does not need to be an AS student - looking for all students

Students should expect several writing and design assignments to be completed each year while in the pathway. Classes will require students to manage their own projects and be able to work in a cooperative team environment.
Work will be published on Scot Scoop and in The Highlander

Recent Awards:

10th Grade

(choose English 2 for MAS, AS English 2 for MAS)
The English class will be offered for students as either a regular college prep level or an advanced English class. The curriculum will cover all Common Core English Standards for 10th grade, but it will also focus more heavily on writing, ethics, legal issues, and historical implications of media. Students who complete this class will have been introduced to multiple styles of writing and will have a grasp of how to write for different audiences. Students will submit work to be published work on Scot Scoop News.

11th Grade

Students will take a traditional offering for their English class, and add elective
  • (AP Language/Comp, AS English 3 or English 3)
  • (choose CTE Digital Journalism 2)
Students can choose CTE Digital Journalism 2 as one elective and will take a traditional English offering.

12th Grade

Students will take a traditional offering for their English class.
  • (AP Lit or English 4)
  • (choose CTE Digital Journalism 3)
Students can continue with the CTE Digital Journalism 3 classes.
Application Form

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Application Form

(Currently closed until semester two)

Media Arts Presentation

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