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Closed Campus

Carlmont High School is a Closed Campus

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Carlmont High School is a Closed Campus

Students are not allowed to leave the campus without a "permit to leave" issued by the Attendance Office.  
If a student is caught off campus, coming back onto campus, or attempting to leave campus without permission they will be brought to the office and receive a behavioral consequence.
If a student needs to leave for an appointment, they are expected to bring a note to the Attendance Office BEFORE SCHOOL or AT LUNCH.  They will then be issued a "permit to leave".  The student may leave at the time written on the permit. 
We understand that appointments sometimes are made suddenly, but ask that you do your best to plan ahead and communicate with the attendance office in a timely manner. 
If you are ILL and want to go home:  Proceed immediately to the Health Aide office. The health aide will call home to obtain parent/guardian permission to leave campus and issue you a "permit to leave" pass.
Students: DO NOT CALL PARENT/GUARDIAN from CELL PHONE or from the CLASSROOM. REPORT DIRECTLY to the HEALTH OFFICE WITH A PASS from your class and the Health Aide will contact home.
Please do not leave the school campus without proper permission!  
If a student leaves campus without obtaining the "permit to leave" pass from either the Attendance Office or Health Office their absence will be coded as a cut.