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Contact Health Office

Erica Quintana, Health Clerk
(650) 595-0210 ext.30060
Contact me for:
Immunization/Vaccine Questions
Health Insurance Information
Questions/Concerns Regarding Health Absences
Vision/Hearing Concerns
Verification of Health Absences (Doctor's Note)
For access to resources in our area please click on the following links below:
REMINDER: Medications of any kind, including Tylenol, Aspirin, cough drops, and Motrin, etc. are not permitted on campus without written consent from a physician and parent in the Health Office.
Michelle Murray, RN, BSN, PHN, District Nurse
Carlmont High School, 650-595-0210 x30058
On site at Carlmont every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to provide the following:
Contact me for:
Health assessments on students who are ill
Consult with families about students needing health care
Assist with questions about special education, accommodations in the classroom for students with chronic Illness, home teaching and medical resources
Health counseling
Hearing and Vision Screenings