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California Community College System

California’s community college system is a great place to start your college experience. The benefits include:

• More time to explore universities or a major.
• Save money on tuition (and housing)
• Higher chance of being admitted (or guaranteed admission) to a selective CSU or UC campus; and
• Opportunity to explore vocational program or 2 year degree careers.

General Community College Information & Links:

Transfer Programs
If you plan to transfer to a UC or CSU campus from a community college, you do not have to take SAT/ACT. 

Once you are ready to transfer, your high school GPA and grades are not a part of your UC or CSU transfer application. This means that community college is a fresh academic start!

How long does it take to transfer?
Many high school graduates plan to transfer to a UC or CSU campus after attending a community college for approximately two years. However, the number of years it takes to transfer depends on how long it takes a student to complete transfer requirements (60 units)

We recommend students challenge themselves in English and math every year in high school so that they are prepared to take placement test that allows them to enroll in college-level transfer courses after graduating from Carlmont.

UC’s Transfer Guarantee Admission (TAG)
There are six UC campuses (Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz) that offer transfer guarantee admission to students from California community colleges who meet campus-specific requirements. Transfer students can TAG to one of these six UC campuses yet also apply to other UC campuses that do not have a guarantee admission program (such as UCLA, Cal, UC San Diego).

Click here to learn about UC's TAG program

CSU Transfer Success Pathway
Transfer Success Pathway is a  program that guarantees future CSU admission to California community college students who commit to transferring within three years. 

Click here to learn more about CSU’s guarantee transfer program.
Concurrent Enrollment Program
Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to enroll in community college courses while they are still in high school. Students are required to speak to their counselor before enrolling in concurrent enrollment. Instructions to enroll in concurrent enrollment is located on the community college website. 
Concurrent Enrollment Community College links

How to apply to a community college - Seniors
There will be several workshops at Carlmont to help seniors get ready to enroll at a community college. Students who are 18 years old or have a high school diploma or equivalent are eligible to apply.

Seniors begin their application at the community college of their choice. 

After you apply, check email for next steps. In most cases, steps will most likely include:
  • How to log into your Web Smart account, using your G#, to register for placement test (if needed)
  • Attend orientation
  • Meet with your community college counselor 
  • How to register for classes, check financial aid status, and pay registration fees

CaƱada College Application Process

college students with backpacks looking over a mountain ridge

College of San Mateo Application Process

Bird's eye view of the College of San Mateo