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SAT/ACT (CEEB Code: 050270)

College Admission Tests -

University of California (UC) will no longer require or include SAT/ACT in their admission decision.
California State University (CSU) will no longer require or include SAT/ACT in their admission decision.

A college admission test is optional for most four-year private and out of state college and universities. A few 4 year colleges still require the exams, check the college website to verify their requirements.

Exams are held on a Saturday mornings, at various testing centers during school year. The SAT is given in October, November, December, January, March, May, June and August. The ACT are held in September, October, December, February, April and June.

The general time to take a test is Spring semester junior year. If you are applying to private colleges, check websites for deadlines to submit test scores.

Carlmont is a testing center. In order to secure a spot at Carlmont, register early. Although Carlmont is a testing center, the exam is conducted by College Board.

How to Register

Register for SAT at College Board website. The cost to register is $55 per test date

Register for ACTor ACT Plus at ACT website. The cost to register is $60 or *ACT Plus Writing $85. 

Fee Waivers (covers registration cost) are available for eligible students. If you qualify for a waiver visit the College Center or your counselor. 

The registration costs above include the option to send official scores to four campuses (when you register for a test). If you wait to send scores there will be a cost per campus to send. Read "Sending Scores" section below to learn how to send the scores. 

Sending Scores

When you apply to colleges, during fall of senior year, you can enter your test scores on college applications.  If you indicate your exams on your application, most colleges will want the official scores. Students can send their scores from the testing website (College Board and/or ACT)

If you are applying to privates and out-of-state colleges and universities, send official SAT scores to each campus if they require it

Deadline to Send Test Scores to Colleges

Private or out-of-state college and universities have different deadlines by when official scores must be received - check campus website for deadlines.

If you are applying Early Action or Early Decision deadlines, your official test scores must be received by the application deadline. It may take up to four weeks for your scores to arrive, so plan ahead.

AP Tests

AP test are not required to apply to college. Therefore, seniors do not have to send official AP scores until summer and send only to the campus you will be attending. However, if you are using an AP score to validate an "A-G" requirement, then you must make sure to send the official AP scores to admission. Once you indicate you have taken or will take an AP exam on your college application, the college will expect you to send your scores. 

AP scores can be used for General Elective credit and/or English and math placement.