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Seniors sending transcripts to colleges

Some four year colleges request that students send their initial transcripts. Initial transcripts supply the college with grades until end of junior year. 
For CSU's - After applying to a CSU, you will be asked through email to create a portal.  You will need to check this portal regularly.  This is where they might ask for your initial transcript. Please do not request that we send it before the CSU asks. Majority of CSUs will not request transcripts until you have been admitted.
For UC's - UC usually will NOT want initial transcripts.  Please do not request an initial transcript for UCs unless you have been sent a notice from the UC to send one.
Transcripts for Common App - your counselor will send your initial transcripts with his/her LOR if you have informed your counselor. Some 4 year colleges will only request a school report, Ask your counselor to send the school report which will include your transcript. 
Final Transcript - This transcript is posted to Infinite Campus at the end of the year of each year. The college you attend will require your final transcript. May of senior year you will reqired to complete the Senior Year Survey. Within the survey is the request to send your final transcript.
Please see either Ms. Pratap or Mrs.Abelt if you need an initial transcript for your application that is NOT CSU,UC,Common App.
If you have graduated and need a Carlmont High School transcript please check the counseling page on the Carlmont website for instructions.