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Carlmont College and Career Center


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The College and Career Center is open for all students from 8am to 4pm Mondays to Friday. Students can come in with questions regarding college, career, financial aid and scholarships. The College and Career Center is located next the Counseling Office, between the Performing Arts Center and Administration Building.
For information regarding volunteer opportunities, jobs, scholarships and internships all information will be sent through Naviance.  Naviance is a free program for Carlmont students and parents. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, and improve student outcome. Students must be in their SEQ email to log into Naviance. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Pratap from your College and Career Center. 
For work permit information, please click here
Building Your First Resume (slides) - April 20 2022
Building Your First Resume - recorded session - April 20, 2022
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Contact Us

Name (Click on Name for Email) Dial (650) 595-0210 and the extension below: Phone
DePaoli, Tammy Head Counselor  30090
Abelt, Irma School Registrar 30095
Chamorro, Yvonne Guidance Information Specialist 30097
Calpotura-Wagner, Cielo Intervention Counselor 34310
DeSpain, Elizabeth Guidance Information Specialist 30096
Dominguez, Connie Counselor 30094
Ibarra, Maria Counselor 30098
Kahn, Andrew Counselor 30099
Ledesma, Matthew Counselor 30088
Miller, Kimberly Counselor 30091
Pratap, Prakashni Career Guidance Associate 33100
Smith, Julia Counselor 35004
Torres, Theresa Counselor 30092
Vernon, Kristin Counselor 30093