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Summer School / Concurrent Enrollment

Summer School

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Summer School

For Credit Recovery:
For Course Advancement:
Parents and students should be aware that SUHSD program sequences were designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet A-G requirements.
 While the SUHSD will accept the acceleration of students through a WASC-accredited, UC-approved online or summer program, not all summer or online courses are similar.  SUHSD students who take classes during the school year receive 139 hours of classroom instruction and do an average of 30 min. of homework for each hour of instruction (208.5 hrs).  Because some online and summer courses offer much less instructional time and lack the advantage of a classroom instructor, students participating in abbreviated programs will be at a disadvantage when proceeding through a high school pathway.  Additionally, families should note that CHS will not enroll students in an AP class if they have taken the same course at the college or community college level since it is recognized as repeating the course.
For Concurrent/Dual Enrollment:
Dual Enrollment Community College: