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Transcript / Records Request

Transcript Information for Current & Former Students

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Transcript Information for Current & Former Students

Carlmont High School CEEB Code: 050270
There are three types of transcripts offered during different semesters.
Initial transcripts are available in the fall which encompasses 9th - 11th grade.
Mid-Year transcripts are available mid-January which encompasses the 9th - first semester of 12th grade.
Final transcripts are available mid-June which encompass all four years.

 For Common App students, request transcripts on Naviance in the college section. This document will be sent when your counselor sends your initial letter of recommendation in the fall of your Senior year.
Please see your counselor to discuss the counselor letter of recommendation required for the Common App.
For private and out-of-state colleges application requests should be made through Naviance.

Please note that the CSUs and UCs will REQUEST a transcript only if they need it.

ALUMNI/Former Student Information:
There is a one-time $5 fee (cash or check only) for more than 3 transcript requests.
Please be informed that Carlmont does not utilize electronic vendors to forward official transcripts. In the event that your school requires an electronic vendor, a physical copy will be mailed instead. Please include the complete mailing address for sending hard-copy transcripts.
You may also drop into the Counseling Office to fill out a request in person. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 – 3:30.

For additional questions, please contact the Counseling office at 650-595-0210

Last Name A - L: Michelle Kelley / extension 30097

Last Name M - Z: Elizabeth DeSpain / /   extension 30096

Counseling Fax: 650-413-3329

Education Verifications

For background screenings, please fax your education verification request to 650-413-3329, including a complete date of birth and the applicant's authorization to release information. An electronic signature is accepted. Turnaround time is 2-3 days. For further information, please contact the following Guidance Information Specialists:

Last Name A - L: Michelle Kelley extension 30097

Last Name M - Z: Elizabeth DeSpain   extension 30096

Records Request

Schools requesting student records can send an email or fax request to the following Guidance Information Specialists:

Michelle Kelley- Last Names A - L

Elizabeth DeSpain - Last Names M - Z

Guidance Fax: 650-413-3329