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8th Grade Transition

Carlmont's 8th Grade Transition Team

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About Us

The 8th Grade Transition Team is comprised of the Principal of Carlmont High School and a group of parent volunteers representing the Middle School feeder communities. Throughout the school year, we will host a series of events to provide you and your student with information about Carlmont’s academic program and student enrichment programs, so that you will have the information necessary to choose the most appropriate High School for your student. Each event has a different goal or purpose. You will find a brief description of each event on our calendar.

Our team also publishes a monthly newsletter called the Carlmont Corner. It is distributed to 8th grade families at Nesbit, Sandpiper, Ralston and Tierra Linda (and as a courtesy to Central & Charter) and is posted each month on this site. If you attend another school and would like to join our mailing list and have information emailed to you, please use the link below.