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Carlmont High School

Registration for Student and Parent Forums opens December 2nd, 2019.

8th Grade Student & Parent ForumsTop of Page

January 28, February 12, or March 5, 2020  - all from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm 

Who Should Attend?
  • Parents AND 8th Grade Students who want to learn more about student life on Carlmont campus.
What is unique about this event?
  • Small setting allows for your questions to be asked & answered!
  • Panel of current Carlmont students presents great information about campus life and answers your questions. 
  • Panel of administrators and teachers also presents insightful information and answers your questions about transitioning to high school. 
  • Student-led campus tours available tonight. 

I already know my child is going to Carlmont, do I need to attend this night?

  • No, this night is informational only. 
  • It contains no specifics about registering an 8th grader for high school and does not focus on academics at Carlmont.
Where is this event held?
  • Optional Campus Tours begin at the Carlmont Library at 6:45 pm. 
  • The forum is from 7:30 - 8:30 pm in the Carlmont Library.
  • Parking is available at the Senior Parking lot (2nd entrance coming from San Carlos or Belmont, across from Chula Vista). Walk straight to the top of the stairs and follow signs for directions. 
How do I sign up?

8th Grade Transition Calendar of EventsTop of Page

Calendar of Events for Students Entering High School in 2020

Carlmont's 8th Grade Transition Team will host a variety of events during the upcoming school year for 8th grade students and their parents or guardians. Our goal is to familiarize future Scots and their families with the wonderful experience Carlmont High School offers!  

  • Shadowing - Students Only. September - January. Carlmont's shadowing program offers two options for 8th grade students: individual or group shadowing.  Students are invited to shadow only once. The objective of our shadowing program is to offer students an opportunity to experience a day on campus. Scroll down for detailed information on this event. 

  • 8th Grade Parent Information Night - Parents Only. October 15, 2019. This is our largest event and is intended to provide a broad overview of the academic program at Carlmont. We offer a campus tour prior to the program. Scroll down for detailed information on this event.

  • Student and Parent Forums - Students and Parents. Jan 28, Feb 12, & Mar 5, 2020. We offer three Forums (attend one). This is an informal opportunity to learn more about student life at Carlmont High School and to ask questions of current students, parents, teachers and staff. Campus tours will be offered prior to the Forum. Scroll down for detailed information on this event. 

  • Counseling Department’s 8th Grade Parent Night - Parents Only.  February 26, 2020. This event will provide a review of the registration process for students from feeder AND non-feeder schools. Scroll down for detailed information on this event. 

  • Carlmont Freshman Parent Information Night - Parents Only. August 2020.  This event will cover everything you need to know about getting your freshman off to a good start at Carlmont. 
  • Newsletter Students and Parents. Monthly. We publish the Carlmont Corner newsletter each month to provide families with comprehensive information about upcoming events, deadlines, registration, address verification and more. The newsletter is distributed to our feeder schools and posted here each month. Scroll down for more detailed information.

In addition to these events, opportunities are available to attend sporting events, music, drama, choral and dance performances. Visit the calendar on the Carlmont website for the most up-to-date information.

Carlmont's Shadowing Program Top of Page

Carlmont Shadowing Flyer 2019-2020

September 2019 - January 2020

Registration Opens on Friday, September 6, 2019

What is Shadowing?
  • An opportunity for your 8th Grade student to be on the Carlmont campus during a school day.
  • This is a Student Only event. Parents/guardians will drop off their students at the campus and may return for student pick-up at the end of the event. 
Does my 8th Grader need to shadow at Carlmont?
  • No, but if your 8th Grader thinks it will help them to choose a high school, they might wish to shadow.
  • Or, if your 8th Grader is anxious about what Carlmont is really like, they might wish to shadow.
Individual (One on One) Shadowing:
* Individual shadow is currently full.
8th Grade students will spend 1/2 of a school day, including lunch period, on the Carlmont campus accompanied by a Carlmont Freshman host. They will attend classes with their host and get to walk the halls experiencing life at Carlmont.  (No preferences for host or type of classes attended can be accommodated.)  This can be a good option for an 8th Grader that is choosing between several high schools.
Group Shadowing:
October 30, 2019, or January 22, 2020, 1:15pm - 3:00pm, the Student Union
* October 30 Group Shadow is currently full.  Spaces are still available for Group Shadow on January 22.
8th Grade students can come with their friends on one of their early dismissal days to spend the afternoon at Carlmont.  Groups of 15 to 20 Eighth Graders led by 2-3 Carlmont students will get a tour of the campus, speak with teachers and get a feel for life on campus. This can be a good option for an 8th Grader that plans to attend Carlmont and is ready to learn more about their high school. 

Why can't my 8th Grader participate in both individual and group shadowing?

  • We offer as many days for individual and group shadows as are allowable to maintain the integrity of the classrooms.
How do we sign up our 8th Grader to Shadow?

Carlmont New Student Registration InformationTop of Page

Counseling Department’s 8th Grade Parent Night

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 7:00 pm, Performing Arts Center

Who Should Attend?

  • ALL Parents of 8th Grade Students attending Carlmont in Fall 2020 (Parents Only).
  • If you only attend one event this year, this is THE one!
Why Should I Attend?
  • This meeting will provide a review of the registration process for students from feeder and non-feeder schools.
  • It will also include information on class selection, Carlmont High School's graduation requirements as well as those requirements necessary to apply to a four-year college.
How do I sign up?
  • No RSVP needed.
Where is this event held?
  • The presentation is in the Carlmont Performing Arts Center.
  • Parking is available at the Senior Parking lot (2nd entrance coming from San Carlos or Belmont, across from Chula Vista). The Performing Arts Center is straight ahead at the top of the stairs. 
If I can not attend this informational event, where can I get more information?

SUHSD Open Enrollment & Address VerificationTop of Page

Open Enrollment - 9th Grade Open Enrollment is a period of time when an incoming 9th grade student (current 8th graders) may request a high school other than their assigned home school to attend. You must complete an online Open Enrollment Transfer Application to be eligible. Forms will be accepted at the SUHSD office. Please visit the following district website for detailed information.

Address Verification - An Address Verification Form must be on file for every student in the Sequoia Union High School District. Please use the link below for the form and complete instructions. Forms will be accepted at the SUHSD office. 

Carlmont Corner Monthly NewsletterTop of Page

Carlmont Corner Newsletter for 8th Grade Families

The Carlmont Corner newsletter is distributed monthly to feeder middle schools (Nesbit, Sandpiper, Ralston and Tierra Linda) and is available as a link below on this page at the beginning of each month. You'll find announcements, reminders and information about upcoming events. Current and past issues can be found at the links below.

Carlmont's 8th Grade Transition TeamTop of Page

About Us

The 8th Grade Transition Team is comprised of the Principal of Carlmont High School and a group of parent volunteers representing the Middle School feeder communities. Throughout the school year, we will host a series of events to provide you and your student with information about Carlmont’s academic program and student enrichment programs, so that you will have the information necessary to choose the most appropriate High School for your student. Each event has a different goal or purpose. You will find a brief description of each event on our calendar.

Our team also publishes a monthly newsletter called the Carlmont Corner. It is distributed to 8th grade families at Nesbit, Sandpiper, Ralston and Tierra Linda (and as a courtesy to Central & Charter) and is posted each month on this site. If you attend another school and would like to join our mailing list and have information emailed to you, please use the link below. 

Contact 8th Grade TransitionTop of Page

Contact the 8th Grade Transition Team

If your student does NOT attend a Carlmont feeder school* (Nesbit Sandpiper, Ralston and Tierra Linda)**  and you would like to receive regular updates from the Carlmont 8th Grade Transition Team, Click here to join our mailing list! 

*Students at Nesbit, Sandpiper, Ralston and Tierra Linda already receive this information through their schools.

**As a courtesy, students at Central & Charter already receive this information through their schools.

If you have any questions, please send an email to an 8th Grade Transition Team member: Questions for 8th Grade Transition

Questions regarding enrollment, class placement or registration should be directed to our Counseling department staff.

8th Grade Parent Information NightTop of Page

We hope you had an opportunity to visit Carlmont High School during “Parent Information Night” on October 15. This was the first in a series of events held throughout the year for 8th grade students and parents. Please view the elective presentation slides for the evening below: