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Videos: Carlmont Academics, Extracurriculars, and More

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Videos: Carlmont Academics, Extracurriculars, and More

The following videos provide information about academic classes and pathways offered to Carlmont students. These recorded talks feature teachers and staff highlighting our core curriculum, our world languages, our Arts and Athletics programs, and various support programs on campus. We also offer a video featuring activities and ways to get involved for both parents and students during your time on campus at Carlmont.

The 2023-2024 Program Planning Course Catalog provides more detailed written information on all courses, as well as graduation and college requirements, and planning resources.
All links below lead to the CHS 8GTT YouTube page, where you can find all 10 recordings listed on the videos page.
Get involved at Carlmont! Find out about student activities such as Clubs, dances, ASB (student government), leadership class, and Freshmen Orientation. Also included is information about parent support groups and ways for parents to get involved and support Carlmont through organizations such as Carlmont Academic Foundation, PTSA, Sports Boosters and Music Boosters.
Discover the Arts at Carlmont!  This video features info about Instrumental music, Vocal music, Drama, Dance, Technical Theater, and Visual Arts classes such as Ceramics, Digital Photography, Yearbook and more. Learn how to get involved and who to contact, plus information about the Music Boosters parent support group.
Have questions about Physical Education requirements or the Athletics Program at Carlmont?  You’ll find answers in this video, along with info about our Sports Boosters parent support group. Also check out for up to date information about our sports teams, tryouts and schedules.
Learn about our Counseling and Support resources, including academic counseling, social-emotional counseling, and college readiness counseling. Find out how our counseling department works, and how your child’s assigned counselor will support and guide your student throughout their 4 years at Carlmont.
This video features information about the English Language Learners program, our AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and our Special Education program.
Explore Carlmont’s English classes and optional pathways, including our award-winning Media Arts program. Learn about courses available at each grade level, and how placement for 9th grade English classes is determined.
This video features information about math classes and pathways at Carlmont. Information includes entry level options for 9th graders, placement recommendations, and extra-curricular math programs.
Get an overview of our Science course offerings and pathways, including the Biotechnology Institute. Also includes details about 9th grade Biology and tips for how to succeed in your first year at Carlmont.
Learn about our Social Studies courses and which classes are offered at each grade level, including the 9th grade required course Life Skills & Ethnic Studies.
Find out about world languages offered at Carlmont, including course levels and academic recognition programs.