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Dress Code Policy

Carlmont Dress Code Policy

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Carlmont Dress Code Policy

*Dress code may change based upon current health code guildelines.  At Carlmont, we expect our students to dress in a manner that exemplifies academic scholarship and is aligned to our school goal of preparing them for their future as a college student and professional. The dress code policy is designed to support them in meeting this expectation. Carlmont’s mission is to
guide students towards becoming good citizens and participants in the employment market and larger society; school is a student’s place of business.  Part of this responsibility involves appropriate dress and personal appearance.  The administration will monitor student dress at school and at school events. Out of compliant students will first receive a warning. Disciplinary action will follow if students do not comply with the dress code.

The following clothing/apparel is not allowed at school. This list is representative
but not all-inclusive.
Head Gear/Head Coverings (non-religious)
 Hats with obvious gang related logos such as XIV, neighborhoods,
area codes or street names
 Head coverings of any type that promote obscenities, drugs, tobacco,
sex, or violence
 Head coverings may need to be removed at the request of any staff
 Sunglasses indoors except by prescription
 Clothing that promotes obscenity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or
 Clothing that demeans others with regard to gender, ethnicity, race,
sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc.
 Clothing that indicates gang affiliation or supports gang as determined
by the school administration and/or consultation with the local law
enforcement agency.
 Tagging or gang-related writing on backpacks, school supplies, shoes
or clothing is not permitted.
 Chains, spikes, studs or other clothing, jewelry, or accessories which
are potentially dangerous
 Being barefoot

Administration reserves the right to determine if clothing is too revealing or
inappropriate for the school environment.
Students who are in violation of the dress code will be brought to the vice-principal's office and will be reminded of the Dress Code Policy. They will not be allowed in class until their clothing meets the guidelines of the Dress Code
Policy. Note: Repeated violations will result in further disciplinary action.  Carlmont themed spirit wear is always encouraged!