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Tardy Policy

Not arriving to class on time can negatively impact a student's academic progress.  Thus, Carlmont has put a tardy policy in place to support students to get to class on time and hold them accountable.


Tardy Policy:

If a teacher deems a student has demonstrated a habit of being tardy to class (3 tardies), then they will first address the student.  If the problem continues (student has a 4th tardy shortly after the teacher has addressed the issue), then the teacher will contact home to notify the parent(s).  If the problem continues, (5th tardy) then the teacher will write a referral to the AVP who will follow up with the student assigning a lunch detention and or having a student/parent meeting to resolve the issue.  The policy lasts the duration of a quarter. At the beginning of a new quarter the student begins again with a clean slate.