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School Safety

Big Five Safety Protocol and Comprehensive Safety Plan

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Big Five Safety Protocol and Comprehensive Safety Plan

The Big Five Safety Protocol has been created by the San Mateo County Office of Education so that all educational institutions share a common langauge when it comes to school emergencies.  The Big 5 protocol directs school personnel on how to proceed during different emergency situations.

Emergency Procedures

Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures

The safety procedures and protocols at Carlmont High School are consistent with the San Mateo County Big 5 Safety Protocols.  These protocols, used throughout the county, will standardize how all schools in the district will respond to emergency situations.

Currently there are five types of emergency protocols used by the school: EVACUATION, DROP, COVER & HOLD, LOCKDOWN/BARRICADE, SECURE CAMPUS, and SHELTER IN PLACE. In the event of an emergency, one of these protocols will be put in place to ensure the safety for all.  We have medical supplies, personnel responsible for safety procedures, and go through training annually. 

Implement to isolate students and staff from the outdoor environment and provide greater protection from external airborne contaminants or wildlife. Close windows and air vents and shut down air conditioning/heating units 
Implement during an earthquake or explosion to protect building occupants from flying and falling debris
Initiate for a potential threat of danger in the surrounding community.  All classroom/office doors are closed and locked and all students and staff remain inside until otherwise directed. Instruction continues as planned 
Initiate for an immediate threat of danger to occupants of a campus or school building and when any movement will put students and staff in jeopardy. Once implemented, no one is allowed to enter or exit rooms for any reason unless directed by law enforcement 
Implement when conditions outside the building or off-site are safer than inside or on-site. Requires moving or directing students and staff to move from school buildings to a pre-determined safe location   
While parents may be inclined to come to the school in the case of an emergency we urge them to please stay away from the school until a process for reunification has been established by administration or emergency personnel. Additional people on school grounds during an emergency only increases confusion and preventing emergency personnel from doing their job.
See pdf document for details.

Each school is expected to complete a Comprehensive Safety Plan each year to ensure safety at school.