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Yearbook Update

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Yearbook Update

2024 Carlmont Vistas Yearbook

Faculty Advisor: Joey Espinosa
Editor -in-chief: Leila Velez
Sports/Photo Editor: Mia McMichael
Copy Editor/ Co Senior Editor: Noelle Erslovas
Marketing Editor/ Co Senior Editor: Leinita Panda
Design Editor: Calista Law
Clubs Editor: Sosi Horoupian
Congratulations to our new editorial staff for the 2025 yearbook!
Editors-in-chief: Sosi Horoupian and Mia McMichael
Photo Editor: Sage Chan
Clubs Editors: Lara Hasan and Kate Dimon
Sports Editor: Mischa Duggal
Design Editors: Jamila Ainge and Kaia Baker Malone
Marketing/Social Media Editors: Emerson Barajas and Hailee Byun
Copy Editor: Kate Dimon
Senior Editors: Sophia Cerelli and Emily Song

2024 Yearbook Information

Ordering Yearbooks

The deadline for ordering the 2024 yearbook was January 31st. 
"Have I ordered a 2024 Yearbook?"
Follow this link to a list of students who ordered a 2024 Yearbook:

Waiting List for the 2024 Yearbook

Please read carefully for waiting list information:
The Waiting List is Now Closed
The waitlist is honored on a first come, first served basis.
Students on the waitlist can pick up a book on the distribution days only.
Waiting list distribution:
May 21: 4-5 PM (Seniors Only)
May 22: 4-6 PM
May 23: 4-6 PM
May 24: 4-5 PM
Yearbooks are $100, CASH ONLY on the days of distribution.
Signing up for the waitlist is not a guarantee that you will receive a book.

2024 Yearbook Information

Yearbook distribution and pickup

Distribution will takeplace in the ASB room, next to the quad.

Distribution dates:
May 21st (Tuesday) (SENIORS ONLY) 3pm-5pm
May 22nd (Wednesday Even Block) 4pm - 6pm
May 23rd (Thursday Odd Block) 2:20pm - 6pm
May 24th (Friday) 3pm - 5pm

2025 Yearbook Information

2025 Yearbooks will be available for purchase in late May.
You may order the yearbook through the new My School Bucks website. Orders must be placed by January 31st, 2025. If you do not order the book by the deadline, you will be placed on a waiting list, and only cash will be accepted for books purchased after the deadline.
The Yearbook cost is $100 this year.
It's a little tricky ordering from this site if you haven't before. Here is a link to a tutorial video to help you get signed up:

Are you interested in joining our staff?

The yearbook staff is a student-run class, usually taking place during 6th period. Yearbook encompasses journalism, photography, graphic design, marketing, and there are opportunities for leadership. There is no experience necessary to join the staff, here are some of the expectations:
Yearbook assignments most often take place outside of class and after school. You may have to attend sporting events, dances or other after school events.
The yearbook is looking for students who are motivated to do quality work. Our staff members agree that this is a fun class, but not an easy class. This class produces a real product with real deadlines. Missing or not completing an assignment on time has real world consequences. We are looking for students who are trustworthy and responsible.
You must meet with our advisor, Mr Espinosa and receive permission before enrolling in the class.
Email Mr Espinosa at: