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Q: How does Carlmont educate kids about diversity, equity and inclusion, and in particular antiracism?
  • A: The topics are embedded in our English and Social Studies classes. Additionally, the required Social Studies class for all 9th graders is Ethnic Studies, and we offer an Ethnic Studies elective for students to take junior or senior year.

Q: How do students get placed into an AP class?
  • A: Students can choose to take any AP class. There are recommended classes that should be taken prior to enrolling in any AP class. You can find more information on our Program Planning Handbook

Q: What is the application Process- what documents do we need to fill out for enrollment?

Q: How do we know what courses to select? How do we qualify for Honor courses? 
  • A: All feeder middle schools will host visiting Carlmont counselors and liaisons in the late Winter or early Spring. During these visits every 8th grader that will be attending Carlmont will fill out and submit their requests for core curriculum and electives. Confirmation of course requests will be emailed to all families.
  • Honors classes for freshmen are only available in the following subjects: Math, English and World Language.
  • The District Placement Chart can be found on the district webpage with more information. 
  • Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade will have a registration meeting with their counselors to select the next year's classes and this is where the discussion takes place in regards to honors classes for subsequent years.

Q: How do you plan out the four year curriculum and what is the first year like with respect to what classes are offered? 

Q: Will there be summer transition classes? 
  • A: We offer two summer classes for incoming 9th graders. 
    • Compass: This is for students who may struggle with the transition to high school. Students who are placed into an English Support class can also take this summer course to bolster their reading and comprehension skills and have an opportunity to test out of the support class. 
    • Elevate: This is for students testing below grade level in math. They are provided essential skills to be prepared for Algebra I as a 9th grader.

Q: What is the compass program 
  • A: The goal of the Online Compass program is to provide some academic acclimation to the coursework incoming freshman will deal with, as well as the necessary mental/social preparation they will need to juggle the coursework, new social dynamics, and overall mindsets to reach their full potential. Students who attend Compass not only understand the type of workload that is expected during freshman year, but will also know the campus very well, have connections with teachers, and either strengthen or make new friendships to start the school year

Q: When do we get to find out what classes they have been scheduled? i.e. assignment to AS English and Math placement?
  • A: This will be given out in April. Parents will receive an email with this information.

Q: What is the process when students are struggling academically? 
  • A: We have an intervention team that consists of Administration, Counselors, and the intervention counselor. This team gathers information about the student and then makes recommendations to help support the student. Any staff can refer a student to this intervention team.

Q: What is the general homework load/expectation?

Q: When will we learn about course selection for electives and when we might find out what the classes/schedules would look like?
  • A: You will receive information about selection in April. The actual class schedule is not released until the day before school starts. There are so many variables in creating a master schedule, in order to minimize any changes, we don't post the period schedule until the day before school starts. 

Information on extracurriculars like clubs -